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This page documents Canon digital cameras comments, tips, and photos. Search the site for "canon" for other items about the Canon digital cameras. Contributions welcome.

Subject: Etx105 + Canon G5
Date: 3/19/04, 14:03
What a site you've put together. Thank you.

Q: What is the best way of connecting my Canon G5 to my Etx105 and will
this be better quality than the LPI suite?

Thank you for giving me 2 mins of your valuable time.

Mike Green (from the friendly United Kingdom).
Mike here: See the Accessory Reviews - Astrophotography page for adapters; the Scopetronix Digi-T System is very popular. Also, see the Helpful Information - Astrophotography page. Since digital cameras work differently than the LPI the results can be different. Although with the right software and lots of patience (and luck) you can get excellent photos with digital cameras (as seen on the ETX Site).

Subject: Jupiter pic for Astrophotography/Canon Digital Cameras
Date: 3/14/04, 11:36
From: Bruce Pipes (
The photo below shows Ganymede passing in front of Jupiter; both
Ganymede and its shadow are visible. Also Europa and Io are visible,
above and below Jupiter, respectively. The Great Red Spot is also
(barely) visible.

The particulars for the pic are as follows:
Date and time: 3/13/04 at 8:25 pm EST
Telescope: ETX-125
Photo method: afocal
Eyepiece: Scopetronix 6mm Plössl
Camera: Canon S110 in movie mode (640X480 pixels, 20 fps) attached with

Scopetronix Digi-T
Processing: 277 frames stacked with Keith's Image Stacker and processed
with unsharp mask and level adjust. Brightness and contrast further
adjusted in Photoshop Elements.

Bruce Pipes
Lancaster, PA

Subject: moon photo
Date: 2/28/04, 09:29
ETX 105 ES
Shot with a Canon S4  4.5 megapixel digital camera in my backyard in
Springville NY.

Jim Maroney
Springville NY


Subject: Orion Nebula Pic
Date: 2/24/04, 05:43
Thought I'd send you my latest Pics that I took last night with my
ETX105.  I got your book for Christmas and this has been the first real
time we've had the weather to take any pics and put your advice into

Weather was initially clear and cold (about -2C) which is when I took
the pic of M42.  Afterwards I took some pictures of Saturn which I will
send through in another email.

Details of M42 Pic as follows

Telescope         ETX-105EC Alt/Az easy aligned.
Eyepeice         Meade 4000 series 40mm
Camera        Canon Powershot S30 Full Manual mode
Zoom                1.5x optical (to reduce vignetting)
Exposure Time        15 Secs
ISO Value        800
Aperture        F3.5

Hope you find it worthy of a place in your guest astrophotography section.



Keep up the good work!

Subject: moon and mars photos
Date: 1/10/04, 10:41
From: Tont Gray (
Wow what a site, mases of useful info, many thanks for that.

Please show one of my first attempts at moon photo and my first attempt
at mars.

etx 90ec 26mm & 2xbarlow
Camera (cannon ixus 330 using bcf camera bracket)

link to my ETX astro pages

if you could place this link on your website it would be very gratefull.

many thanks and all the best,
Tony Gray, UK
Moon Mars

Mike here: Just guessing here but the Mars photo doesn't appear to be infocus or it is extremely overexposed. Mars is a tough object now. I'm not familiar with the Cannon IXUS 330; is it 35mm or digital?


mars most prob. over exposed + slight motion blur as i didnt have the
motor drive engaged on the etx.

canon digital camera ixus is the uk name not sure of its usa name. once
again many thanks.

tony gray 

Subject: Composite Pic for Astro Gallery
Date: 1/6/04, 10:48
From: Paul (
Well I got some better results on the Orion Nebula M42 on my second time
out. I got the scope tracking well and was able to take four exposures
at 5 seconds and one exposure at 10 seconds with just the Canon G3 and
the MaxView 40. I was really happy with the results. I shot at 400 ISO
and the noise reduction in Registax cleaned it right up. I also got some
nice shots of Jupiter around midnight as well. I used Photoshop Elements
to produce this composite pic that shows the Orion Nebula, Saturn,
Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. I then reduced the image with a program called
Easy Thumbnails to make it smaller for your website.


P.S.  I used my trusty little ETX 90RA for all shots. :-)

Now I am pondering, considering an 8" LX200GPS-SMT. :-)

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