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Subject: Photos
Date: 2/2/04, 02:59
From: Marco Vidart (
I send you some photographs I have taken with my ETX 125. The first one
is taken with a kodak DC 240, with the 40 mm. super plossl eyepiece, no
filters and the Ez pics of Scopetronix. The second one is taken with the
same eyepiece, the 80 A filter and a kodak DX 450, using a Digi-T
system, Scopetronix too. I highly recommend this system. It's very easy
to use, very easy to remove and put in the eyepieces and, above all, the
good results appear with the first shot. The last photo is of Saturn,
using a 26 mm. super plossl eyepiece, a barlow 2x lens, the kodak DX 450
and the Digi-T. No colour filters. The photos are taken in Somo and
Langre, two small villages in Cantabria, in the north coast of Spain.

Greetings from Spain and thank you again.



Mike here: Saturn cropped from original 2580x1932 image

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