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This page documents Nikon digital camera models comments, tips, and photos. Search the site for "nikon" for other items about the Nikon digital cameras. Contributions welcome.

Subject:	Astrophotography with Nikon 4500
Sent:	Wednesday, September 22, 2004 21:47:36
From:	Vasu Jagannathan (
I've been taking astrophotographs with a Nikon 4500 digital camera. I'd
like to draw special attention to my Saturn image developed by stacking
many shots taken on 9/19/04. The details are described in my web page.
I've reproduced it below for quick inspection. It shows that one can do
quite well with a digital camera before taking the next logical step to
a webcam.

Sincerely, Vasu Jagannathan

Subject:	questions about astrophotography
Sent:	Saturday, August 14, 2004 16:32:39
From: (
I have a ETX-125 and would like some information on photography. I
recently bought a Nikon D70 digital camera. It takes awesome pics and
would like to try my hand and some sky shots. Can you direct me to what
accessories I need and any sugestions you may have. I have looked on
your site (very informative I might add), but did not find any specifics
for Nikon tips (D70 in particular). Thank you for your time.
George Whitehead
Mike here: The D70 is rather new so no reports yet that I recall. Check for adapters.
Subject:	Picture from Microsoft Picture It!
Sent:	Tuesday, July 13, 2004 21:28:40
From:	ROBERT Derouin (
Attached is a view of July 2nd Full Moon.It was taken with a Meade
125etx,a Nikon Coolpix 4300 digital camera,a Scopetronix 40mm plossl
with Scopetronix Digi-T adapters.The night was very warm and humid here
in Rhode Island!!Thanks for posting,Mike....have a great summer,and keep
up the great work on your website!!!

Mike here: Your email was almost deleted UNREAD as SPAM due to the ambiguous subject line. I've been getting a lot of SPAM with similar subject lines. Just a heads-up! (For more on appropriate subject lines, read the Email Etiquette page on my ETX Site.)

Subject:	nikon d70
Sent:	Tuesday, June 15, 2004 10:16:51
From:	janwillem wanders (
i have a question.
i am using a etx.
and i have a digital nikon d70,is it possible to use this camera on the
etx with a t-ring.i want to make photo,s from animals ( on daylight)in
the field and afcourse the moon.
janwillem from the netherlands
Mike here: Sure. You will need the appropriate adapters; see the Helpful Information - Astrophotography page for lots of info.
Subject:	Cool Pix 995 and Extension Tube Plus one tip
Sent:	Sunday, May 30, 2004 12:26:15
From:	Luis Villa (
Attached you will find a picture I took last night of the moon with my
ETX125 and the Nikon Coolpix 995 using the flip mirror and the camera
mounted on a 40mm Meade Super Plossl using the digital adapter by
Scopetronics. I used the Meade 26 on the 3.5" extension I bought from
Orion to bring the ETX to a focus on the moon, then flipped the mirror
and there was the moon, of course there could have been some improvement
in focus. Very close to being focused, I did not enhance photo to show
what the 3.5" extension tube is capable of. I was very surprised with
the results.

Also, I bought the least expensive GPS units I could find. Site coordinates are within 40 feet of exact AND the time is as close as you could probably get. I will set my autostar to say 9:05:30 PM then as the GPS time gets to the set time, I will press the enter key and I am within less than a second of the actual time. Results are very accurate tracking. Once I have the near perfect home position in ALT-AZ, I EASY align, then when I tell autostar to go-to any celestial object it is dead center in the 32mm.... then I crank up the magnification if I want to, make minor adjustments and enjoy the rest of the night. Too bad the moon is out, it is washing out most deep sky objects. Luis Villa

Subject:	A coolpix remote shutter release program
Sent:	Friday, May 28, 2004 14:00:52
From:	Kevin Prichard (
I found your page while looking for mods for better (cheaper!) remote
shutter for the Coolpix 885.  You might want to check this page out and
consider adding it to your own--

Subject:	Camera 
Sent:	Wednesday, May 12, 2004 19:07:45
From:	Dave Jenkins (
I am using a home build adapter for a coolpix you know of any
adapters that will fit this camera?

David Jenkins
Mike here: See the Accessory Reviews - Astrophotography page and the Helpful Information - Astrophotography page.
Subject:	Question
Sent:	Tuesday, May 11, 2004 22:43:40
From:	"ralph.bernstein" (
I have a Nikon 5700 camera and a Meade 90 telescope.

What adapter will work with these two systems, and where can I get it?


Mike here: Please read the Email Etiquette item on my ETX Home Page; your message was originally deleted UNREAD as SPAM due to the ambiguous subject.
I'm not familiar with that Nikon model but depending upon what type of photography you want to do (piggyback, prime focus, afocal), there are probably accessories for it. See the Accessory Reviews - Showcase Products page and the Accessory Reviews - Astrophotography page.
Subject: Re: Dead pixels
Date: 3/28/04, 17:15
From: Tommy Lim KW (
I am afraid that it was a dead pixel. It appears just like a pinpoint
starlight at the upper corner on right hand side.

I was trying to shot a really black background by without remove the
lens cap. Am i right?

Mike here: Sounds like a pixel stuck "on".


I dont understand.........can you explain it in more details? 
Mike here: LCDs, like on laptop computers and LCD displays can have pixels that get stuck in the "on" or illuminated mode. I would suspect this is something like what you are seeing. Dead or stuck, doesn't matter what you call it. It shows up. You can remove it from the image with editing software.


I am thinking of sending it in to Nikon Malaysia for a
what do you think?

Mike here: I don't know what Nikon's policy is but for one dead pixel it might not be worth it. Your decision.

And an update:

Ha....I already sent it to Nikon service center this morning. They
accept it....and they will do something on the CCD and also do a fully

Wait for their good news then!


Mike here: 27-28 March 2004 was a noteworthy night. Four events all came together for me: five naked-eye planets visible, three simultaneous Jovian moon shadows, the weather cooperated (although the seeing wasn't too good), and my schedule allowed me to observe from shortly after sunset to past midnight! I set up my LXD55-8"SC just after sunset, did an Autostar one-star alignment, and began observing and taking photographs with my Nikon Coolpix 995 and remote release cable. Autostar tracking was near perfect throughout the 6+ hours I was out. You can see the planets and Jovian shadow photos on My LXD55 Astrophotography Gallery - Planets page. The photos of the Moon are on My LXD55 Astrophotography Gallery - Moon page. All of the images are single frame shots; no stacking was done. During the night I listened to Holst "The Planets" on my Apple iPod mini while observing; seemed appropriate!

Subject: Dead pixels
Date: 3/28/04, 00:57
From: Tommy Lim (
now i found out my CP4500 got dead pixels......what am i going to do
with it? How about your Nikon 995?

Mike here: Are they dead or just noise? Due to the heat build up, the CP995 generates noise on long exposures, especially visible at ISO800. There is a Noise Reduction mode which helps some.

Subject: Astrophotography rookie
Date: 3/23/04, 03:27
Last night I took my first stab at Astrophotography! Geeze I felt like a
one armed paperhanger. But it was fun trying it out for the first time.
I have got alot to learn.I have an ETX125 with a Nikon 8700 and an
MC-EU1 corded remote trigger(which also crontols zoom and mode
functions). The connection to the scope is a Scopetronix Max view 40. It
was just way to cold and windy for me to really test it out in all modes
but I can see with some focusing practice this should be a rewarding
endeavor. I am going to try out that focusing aid in our tips page and
hook up a TV monitor to try to get a better view than the LCD screen.
here is my first shot of Saturn.

Geoff Hendrickson

Subject: I'm learning
Date: 3/2/04, 06:36
From: "Nolan, Gregory J." (
Here are some photos from February 27, 2004. Seeing was average. My
first attempt at the orion nebula is included. This is also the first
time I have been able to focus well enough to pick up on of Jupiter's
moons. I hope you'll post these.

When it gets warmer (month or two), I am going to try connecting the S
Video out of the camera into a tv and see if montoring on the TV will
improve my focus capabilities. Any thoughts on this approach?

Thank you,

Gregory J. Nolan
Jupiter Saturn M42

Mike here: The larger image on the TV may or may not help with focusing. Let me know how well it works for you.

Subject: My first Picture of Saturn
Date: 2/15/04, 00:26
From: Greg Nolan (
I know this is not high quality stuff, but I wanted to show you my first
pictures of Saturn and Jupiter. ETX-105/Nikon Coolpix (first time use)
4500. each are 3 images stacked in registax (first time use). I don't
really expect you to post these on the sight, but if you do that's cool
too. Just wanted you to see them. I am optimistic for the future.

Thanks, as always, for all the help your website provides.


Thank You,

Gregory J. Nolan
Saturn Jupiter

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