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Subject:	DigiMax T40 adapter question
Sent:	Thursday, June 16, 2005 13:21:30
From:	Carol and Bill McCarey (
two quick questions as an ETX-125 owner:
1. I use a Digimax T40 with a 1.25" tube on one end and on the other end
is a 55mm male thread that screws into the lens on my Canon 20D 18mm eye
piece in place of the filter. The new 10mm Canon lens has come out but
its diameter is 77mm. Do you know anywhere an adapter this size that
fits the Digimax T40 can be found? I would even settle for a 72mm
adapter. I wrote an email to Astro Engineering but never got a response.

2. I wrote to you maybe 18 months ago about how to get my ETX-125 to
autotrack. It just slews randomly and still does. I have given up on
using it any other way except by manual alignment through the finder
scope and using manual adjustments for tracking. I just read an article
that said the AutoStar controller might be at fault and a new software
version should be downloaded into it. I could not locate a download page
at Did I miss it?

I use your site frequently. Good advice. Attached please find (another)
shot of the moon at 9 AM using my Canon 20D SLR. 64 images stacked using

Thanks. Bill McCarey
Mike here: You could check a local camera store for a step ring to take you from one size to another. As to the download from Meade's, simple answer is to check the link I have on the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page.

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Subject:	Planetary images for guest astrophotography gallery
Sent:	Saturday, May 21, 2005 09:42:51
From:	Bruce Pipes (
Attached are examples of planetary pics taken with my ETX-125 and my
Canon S110 digital camera. They are compared with images exported from
Starry Night for the same times the pics were taken. Note that Starry
Night seems to get the position of the Great Red Spot slightly wrong.
The pics were all taken afocally in movie mode (640X480 pixels, 20fps)
and stacked and processed with Keith's Image Stacker.

Bruce Pipes
Lancaster, PA


End of 28 May update
Subject:	adapter for canon rebel xt to meade etx-125
Sent:	Tuesday, May 17, 2005 07:00:18
From: (
Still enjoying your site...great work!!
Would like to know if you have a part # for the adapter to connect my
canon rebel xt to the meade etx-125...Jack Newton shows one in the June
issue of Astronomy mag on page 72 but no mention of part #.
Mike here: Check the Scopetronix web site; they have excellent adapters for many cameras.

End of 17 May update
Subject:	Jupiter 05-11-05
Sent:	Thursday, May 12, 2005 04:13:29
From:	Tom Mordasky (
This is a composite of two exposures, one at iso 50 f4.8 1/15" for the
planet and the second at  iso 200 f4.8 3"  for the moons. I  resisted
the urge to process it further in photoshop. I took this last night 
(05/11/05) using the stock 26mm eyepiece and a 2x barlow. The camera was
my little Cannon Powershot A80 and a homemade digital camera adaptor.
The adaptor is so simple and functional that I will submit it to you so
others can enjoy as well. This was my first attempt at using the adaptor
with the scope in polar mode to shoot anything other than the moon.  
The ETX-90!

Funny I thought to include all that camera setting info and forgot to 
say which scope I had, well its early what can I say. Here is a shot 
taken last year of the Lunar eclipse (The one that heralded the Red 
Sox' come from behind victory over NY,  strange portents abounded)

Only just the 26mm eyepiece, no barlow.

End of 14 May update
Subject:	ETX-125 / Canon A75  interface?
Sent:	Wednesday, March 16, 2005 09:24:56
From:	Matias Petrela (
I'd like to know if anyone in your site has ever properly attached the
popular Canon A75 digicam into an ETX-125.

I did my homework and searched all around the site before writing this,
but it looks like most people is using expensive cameras for this and
I'm not planning to reach that far (yet!).

I'd appreciate if someone can give me straight names of one or two
accessories that can serve this purpose, and feedback from any A75'
owner with any experience on astrophotography.

Thank you so much for this classic site.
Mike here: Well, I used the Search capability on the ETX Home Page and found four references to "canon a75".


Yes, but 3 matches are from people that are using the video function of
the camera to take pictures: the only reason I can think of to use this
poor quality method is that they are holding the camera with their hands
and need lots of pics to rescue maybe 1 or 2.  The 4rth match sends me
directly to the Astrophotography page, which I navigated but found no
direct answer.
Thanks anyway!
Mike here: Well, not being personally familiar with the A75, I have no direct answer. But have you checked the Accessory Reviews: Astrophotography page for an appropriate adapter? Scopetronix sells adapters (some reviewed there) for many digital camera models.

End of 18 March update
Subject:	adapters for newer Canon lenses
Sent:	Thursday, March 3, 2005 22:48:23
From:	Draper,Richard A (
I also wondered about connecting any lenses from my old Canon (FD).  I
saw a site that had adapters for newer Canon lenses, but not FD.  Any
suggestions as to how to do that, achieve focus, etc.
Rick Draper
Mike here: See the Helpful Information: Astrophotography page; lots of tips and items there.

End of 4 March update
Subject:	Have You Seen This New Astro Camera from Canon?...
Sent:	Thursday, February 17, 2005 19:13:31
From:	Greg Askins (
Mike here: OPT has more info:

End of 19 February update
Subject:	Digital Camera Question
Sent:	Monday, January 17, 2005 00:29:48
From:	Tony Bulat (
Briefly, Santa brought me a new Canon PowerShot S1 IS for Christmas.
Nice digital camera, plan to use it for some astrophotography. I queried
ScopeTronix about an adapter that would attach my new camera using 1.25
inch eyepieces to my ETX-125. They have a couple of solutions,

The first is the MaxView 40 eyepiece and the Attachment Kit # 71. These
cost $ 200.00. For economical purposes, they recommend the Digi-T System
# 71 costing $100.00

My question is will both or either of these setups be sufficient to hold
my camera in place on my ETX-125 without any other support mechanisms.
The camera is nice and light and should not be a burden on the gears of
the scope like my old SLR. It only weighs 13 oz's. My biggest complaint
is the garbage in the viewfinder or the LCD with all the ICONS and crap
the camera industry thinks they need to display for the people who can't
read,  and as far as I know there's no way of getting rid of it. Enuf
said, thanks again Mike.

Mike here: The Digi-T is nice; see the Accessory Reviews: Astrophotography page on the ETX Site for a review. I use it with my Nikon Coolpix 995.

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