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Subject:	Piggyback Photography
Sent:	Wednesday, August 31, 2005 02:16:42
From:	Terry Godfrey (
Having recently purchased a Canon EOS350D  (RebelXT) and seen your great
results with the Nikon D70,  I thought I'd try some shots.

I took this (single) image centred on Cygnus with the zoom lens at 18mm
f5.6, exposure approx. 8 minutes,  piggy-backed on my ETX in polar mode.
The shutter was released with a home-made electric cable. As I live only
4 miles from the city of Oxford UK I was amazed that the sky didn't wash
out. The image was processed in Photoshop, converting to grey scale and
applying 'Curves' and 'Contrast'.

It's only when you gently zoom in on the image that you see how many
stars there are. I just wonder how many are actually stars and how much
is noise!

I guess I could repeat the image with noise reduction 'on'  and see if
there is a difference.


Terry Godfrey

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