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This page documents the Meade Deep Sky Imager and DSI Pro comments, tips, and photos. Contributions welcome. In order to showcase the DSI you may occasionally see images taken with other telescopes on this page.

Subject:	Original DSI compared with DSI2 on M42
Sent:	Saturday, February 18, 2006 18:04:54
From: (
For those interested:  An example comparing the original Deep Sky Imager
with Deep Sky Imager 2

The two attached color photos are both of M42, taken using a 10"
newtonian reflector from my backyard.  No filters were used,  Both are
multiple 4-second exposures digitally stacked.  One of them was taken
with the original DSI, (M42_DSI1), and the other with the new DSI2 color
camera (M42_DSI2).  Putting these shots side-by-side shows pretty
clearly the benefit of the increased resolution of the DSI2, as well as
its larger images, and greater sensitivity (many 13+ mag. stars show up
on the DSI2 that are not visible using the DSI1).

--Monte Hancock
  Melbourne, Florida



Subject:	RE: Dsi versus Dsi Pro
Sent:	Sunday, February 12, 2006 12:46:10
From:	Ed Williams (
Thanks Mike, I am still trying to decide what to do. So, what do you
think of the DSI pro 11 color Meade? I know it would cost a little more
but I'm thinking it would be easier to use than the filter slide and
take less time to take a good picture. Does that make sense? I do want
better resolution than the DSI imager but don't think I need the extra
headache of the filter slide and 4 passes on the object. Please give me
some direction. As always I am continuing to learn from you great site.
Mike here: I have no experience with any of the DSI models so can't comment on their use. Sorry.
Subject:	first effort with DSI
Sent:	Thursday, February 9, 2006 08:59:01
From:	mark washer (
Well i get the impression that networking and cabling errors were the
least of my problems!

Managed first light and a pretty good picture of 'plato' (IMO) for my
first effort with DSI, casually alligned etx125, in the back yard (not a
good site), with the next door neighbours 500w security lamp switching
on and off as i moved around!!!!!

Any hints and tips regarding focussing other than the standard ones in
th manuals?????

I went for the dsi for deep sky objects - would a focal reducer be of
any use to me? I understand the 3.3 is fairly useful at reducing
exposure times.

Attached is my first picture. Thanks again for your support.


Mike here: Certainly a focal reducer can help. Focusing is a challenge; being patient and adjusting in fine steps can help. Using a flexible cable on the knob will help to reduce the vibrations.
Subject:	Dsi versus Dsi Pro
Sent:	Wednesday, February 8, 2006 15:01:32
From:	Ed Williams (
I just received a Dsi Pro from ScopeTronix today and I think the sent me
the wrong thing. I need your advice. I wanted the easiest thing to use
and thought and wanted color so I thought I was ordering the Dsi color
imager. I was sent the Dsi Pro MONOCHROME CCD. It was to late to call
them so looked on the internet to see the difference .  It came with a
filter holder and of course no filters. I see that the resolution is
better but will it take color? Should I send this back for the DSI color
imager? Which will be the easiest to use considering also that I have
light pollution in my area? Please help.
Mike here: It is monochrome; it uses the color filters to capture color data and then combine them into color images. Certainly the DSI Pro captures even better images than the DSI but you do have to image with each of the filters in turn. Using the software is essentially the same. Of course, you also have to purchase the filters, which adds more expense. Also, be certain your computer meets the requirements of the DSI Pro if you decide you want to stick with it.


Thanks so much for your continuing help.

Subject:	Meade DSI Pro II 
Sent:	Sunday, February 5, 2006 14:13:31
From:	Michelle (
I have been reading several correspondence you had regarding

You seem to "know your stuff" :).

I have a Meade LX 200 8" and have recently purchased the Meade DSI-II
Pro series camera. I had it out for the first time last night. The
conditions weren't ideal! It was somewhat overcast and I am located in
the city!

My first shot was tried on Saturn. It was very low on the eastern
horizon and turned out looking like an overexposed  flying saucer...:).
I had my DSI set at an exposure time of 1 second. Was this too long?

I love astronomy and have always enjoyed seeing the amazing photos taken
of deep space objects. I'd love to learn how to take photos like those I
have seen. I am hoping my telescope selection and camera selection will
enable me to take excellant pictures.
What do you think?
Ron Hebert
Mike here: 1 second is likely too long. I don't have a DSI so can't say for certain but on a bright object like Saturn you will probably want only a small fraction of a second exposure. Also, atmospheric condiditions can affect the image if it "blurs out" the image due to atmospheric motion.


Thanks Mike,

I kinda figured my exposure time was too long.

I'll try and do it again at a reduced exposure time. 
Thanks for your help/

Subject:	DSI-PRO
Sent:	Monday, January 30, 2006 15:17:18
From: (
I'm considering a DSI-PRO and have the following problem:

I want the option of color, only on rare occasions. I have a bag of
filters and don't need four more@$100.00(or$199.00!!!) nor do I want to
give up the sensitivity of mono. for the odd color shot.

I have not seen any info or comments and wonder if any of the
contributors to your excellent web site have considered this?

I have gained a treasure of info since I found your site . Thank you ,
Thank you , (and your contributors)

A Mullen

Subject:	Just a note of thanks
Sent:	Friday, January 6, 2006 21:43:16
From:	M. J. The Madjordainain (
It's been a while since I last sent anything your way, I thought I might
drop you a few images I've taken.  They just might be of some encouragement
to any other astronomy buffs who have become fledging astrophotographers
with a Meade DSI camera.  With the new DSI II series coming out your site
may pick up some more visitors looking for advice.  One of the images I have
enclosed is of M82, M82 was one of the DSO first objects I tried to shoot
when I first got my original DSI-C working.  I sent you that image in May of
2005, I though the difference between that image and the one I have from
November might be an interesting comparison.  Hopefully it would encourage
any new users to keep at it & climb the learning curve.

The latest M82 was shot done using an LXD75 SN10 I acquired, but I have also
enclosed the last images I took with the Konus 200mm Newtonian I stared
using the DSI with.  The SN10 made some minor improvements, but most of the
improvements are due to a continual climb up the learning curve.  It can be
done, I still have a lot of 'climbing' to do, but if I can do it.........

The Mad One!

AKA: Mark Jordan





Subject:	Images
Sent:	Monday, January 2, 2006 17:53:39
From:	Robert Zaballa (
Here are some images I have taken with the DSI Pro, through an Orion 90
mm f/4.5 refractor using a .5x focal reducer.

 The Andromeda galaxy


 The Horsehead and Flame Nebulae.


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