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Subject:	Moon in prime focus
Sent:	Sunday, May 7, 2006 03:12:23
From:	Luc Janssens (
A daytime Moon in a hazy sky.
Date: May 6th 2006; time:18h53m (UT), Location: near Leuven (Belgium);
camera: Nikon D70s, Iso 500,  exp 1/320s, ETX105, f/14, prime focus;
processed in Photoshop.

Thanks and kind regards,


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Subject:	Nikon D50 astrophotography software
Sent:	Saturday, April 22, 2006 03:25:31
From:	nathanstevenson (
I'm looking for a digital Slr camera and was impressed with the pictures
you took with the Nikon D70 - 

One question though, the Nikon uses NEF format for raw images which as
fas as i can tell you need to buy the Nikon capture 4 software to
process. Have you found this a problem? Does the raw image mode really
make a big difference with astrophotography?

Yours Sincerely N Stevenson
Mike here: I haven't used RAW for astrophotography but plan to on my next trip to Oracle Observatory. I even purchased a new 2GB compact flash card for doing RAW. You can use the Nikon software, iPhoto (if you have Mac OS X), Adobe Photoshop CS2, and I'm sure other software to process the RAW images. Of course, if you have software that will process them you also have software that will convert the image to a format that other software (liking stacking software) can read. I had originally planned to use iPhoto to do my initial RAW processing but then decided to upgrade from Photoshop 7 to Photoshop CS2 so now I'll be using the included Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw software for the initial processing. Whether it will make a BIG difference in how I do my astrophotography remains to be seen (soon, I hope).

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Subject:	astrophotography equiptment help
Sent:	Saturday, March 4, 2006 05:36:51
From: (
Hello, First thanks for posting all the tips you do. I am an amateur
photographer who with others in the club I belong to are interested in
getting into astrophotography. My dilemma is this I have access to a
Meade LX 200 EMC it has a Meade super ploss 56mm lens, How do I adapt
this to A Nikon D70 for piks in space. Thank you in Advance

Jimmy Gately
Mike here: See the article "MaxView II DSLR camera adapter" on the Accessory Reviews: Astrophotography page.

End of 8 March update
Subject:	Re: ETX 105 D70 problem
Sent:	Thursday, February 23, 2006 11:58:18
From:	Simon Scott (
Its the Astro Engineering set and support plate.

I have just had a play around with the scope and weights.  Still not
enough :(

For straight forward prime focus its probably just ok.

The D70 is 827g (inc T mount and adaptor).  The weight kit is 335g, I
would have to do some calculations, but I think if I have the weight kit
as far forward as it will go it will reduce the load of the D70 down by
about 70% - which is fine.

However for EP projection its never going to be enough.  The T mount +
adaptor + EP tube + 26mm EP = 285g, in total its almost 1kg hanging off
the back of the ETX - if you factor in the fact that the 700g D70 body
is now much further from the pivot point its all bad news!

I will have to do some proper calculations on what weights I need, but I
am expect it will be considerably more than I have now or I need to get
the weight much, much further from the pivot.

I will let you know how I get on, but I dont want to risk burning out my
brand new 105 in the process :(

Maybe the solution is to look for a lighter camera?



End of 24 February update
Subject:	ETX 105 D70 problem
Sent:	Monday, February 20, 2006 13:08:30
From:	Simon Scott (
I am having a problem with my 105.  Its brand new and I have used it a
few times with no problem.  I have purchased a T mount and adapter for
my D70.  However, when I hook this up I get 2 problems.  Firstly I have
to tighten the clutch quite tight to stop the camera dragging the OTA
down.  Second, when I tighten the clutch to prevent this I get an error
on the autostar.  What is the best solution for this?  The D70 is a
common camera so I assume a lot of people use these?

Also is there any way to focus the scope with the camera on and not have
to buy an EP adapter.

Love the site by the way!!!
Many thanks, Simon.
Mike here: You need a counterweight; see the Helpful Information: Astrophotography page for lots of tips on counterweights. As to focusing, I typically look through the camera viewfinder when focusing using the telescope. Yes, it is a challenge. Using a bright object or star and/or taking a short test exposure will help.


Brilliant, thanks, I have ordered a counter weight set and adaptor
plate. Thanks!

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