Last updated: 13 November 2006
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Subject:	Meade ETX 90 and Sony F828
Sent:	Thursday, November 9, 2006 17:44:54
From:	Eric West (
I have acquired my new ETX90 and will shortly start trying to do some
Astrophotography with it. I am sure that there is no issue with mounting
my Pentax MZ5N  35mm SLR, but I also have a Sony F828 Digital Still
Camera which would be easier to use (not to mention much cheaper to use
while I learn).

This is not an SLR camera, the lens is a fixed swivelling barrel, but I
notice a couple of shots in the gallery are taken with a Panasonic FZ30,
a camera with a lens of similar size and weight, also not an SLR. It
must, therefore, be possible to mount a large DSC to the camera.

Can you tell me if it is possible to mount a Sony F828 to the camera,
and if so, can you suggest a source for the adapter, via the internet,
my local Meade agent (also a camera shop) is unable to advise me.

I realise that this is a bit specific, so if you can't tell me, can you
suggest someone who might be able to.

Eric West
Auckland, New Zealand
Mike here: Can't speak specifically about that Sony camera but see the Accessory Reviews: Astrophotography page for several mounting options.


Thanks for your help Mike,  From your advice, I firstly found
Scopetronix and then, from the "Contact Details" page  (accessed from
the bottom of the left hand menu on their home page)found that they have
a "Digital Camera Solutions Wizard". You simply select the make and
model of your camera, and then what you want to attach it to, and the
wizard comes up with at least one solution that works for that
combination! And yes, you can attach a Sony F828 to an ETX90!

Could not be easier!


Eric West
Mike here: Glad you found that. However, be aware that Scopetronix is going through a transition and may not be able to ship products at this time.

End of today's update
Subject:	guest sky photos  or, sony digital cameras?
Sent:	Saturday, June 10, 2006 21:49:59
From:	mike forster (
Sony dsc f 717, 8x zoom, drive on a equatorial platform.
f2.2, 30 sec. exposure.
thanks, mike forster


End of 13 June update
Subject:	moon enhanced 1 cropped DSC00933
Sent:	Tuesday, May 9, 2006 15:31:54
From:	Mark Mathosian (
I tweaked this one in photoshop a bit, brought out the interesting colors.
Meade ETX90, Sony 7 mm digital camera, 18mm lens.


End of 11 May update
Subject:	moon 1 DSC01002
Sent:	Sunday, May 7, 2006 07:26:43
From:	Mark Mathosian (
Here are two photos from last night.  ETX90 with a 26mm lens and Sony
digital camera.  A perfect night for imaging.

Click image for full size image
Click image for full size image

End of 7 May update
Subject:	moon crescent 4 24 06 DSC00959
Sent:	Monday, April 24, 2006 16:57:34
From:	Mark Mathosian (
Crescent moon from early morning hours, 4/24/06.  ETX90, 32mm lens
through a Sony 7 mg. digital camera.


End of 27 April update
Subject:	M-42 my first DSO
Sent:	Wednesday, February 15, 2006 16:23:51
From:	Paul Campbell (
Here our my first two DSI photos.  They were taken with my etx 125 using
a sony cybershot and an 18mm lens.  Each photo of the orion nebula is a
30 sec shot.  I hope to get better at this.  Thanks


End of 17 February update
Subject:	Digital camera question
Sent:	Friday, February 10, 2006 05:07:13
From: (
Could you please give me some advice on this photo I took a couple of
nights ago? It was my first night trying to take photos with my sony
cybershot F107 camera piggy backed on top of my ETX-125, I chose M42 as
an easy target to see what I could achieve, the ISO setting was set at
100, the exposure time was 30 seconds and the camera was on full zoom,
although I'm pleased with the detail captured I'm not happy with the
colour of the background, there is a street light nearby is this causing
the orange glow? If so do you know if there is a filter I can attach to
remove it or can it be digitaly removed? The orange glow was not as bad
on shorter exposures but then I lost detail.
Thanks Mike I really appreciate it.

Mike here: The color can be removed/reduced. I used GraphicConverter on my Mac to reduce the red:


As to the cause, could be the Sony imager sensitivity to the lighting (light pollution) in your area.

End of 14 February update
Subject:	My first digital camera Moon photo
Sent:	Friday, January 13, 2006 18:04:54
From:	Paul Campbell (
here is a digital Moon photo. This is a series of 5 photos that were
taken in auto mode and then stacked using Image Stacker, and then thru
adobe photoshop 6.0.  The photos were taken with my etx 125 using a
dsc-w7 sony cyber shot camera, a scopetronix camera adapter with a 40mm
lens and a IR filter.  thanks  Paul


End of 16 January update
Subject:	sony DSC-S90
Sent:	Sunday, January 8, 2006 10:53:52
From:	Dennis Rowe (
This is a pic of Pleadies 30 sec exposure 3 optical zoom 3 digital zoom.
NO filters or editing..The Camera was piggybacked on 4.5 inch refractor
with a eq2 mount..Not to bad..Hard to find sites out there covering the
Sony DSC-S90 camera..
Dennis Cambridge Ontario


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