Last updated: 22 June 2007
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Subject:	Pentax Mirror lockup answer
Sent:	Monday, June 18, 2007 07:59:16
From:	Phil G (
In reply to Matt Swa:

The *istD does not do this. It times out THEN flips the mirror up and
takes the shot. This is not so much of an issue with the N5 (which is my
photography telescope anyway).

The mass ratio between the mirror and the rest of the assembly is
relatively low but I haven't had much of a chance to do much testing.

Atlanta has so much light pollution and currently we have a lot of smoke
from the South Georgia wildfires (plus it's Summer) so I haven't had a
good telescope night in a while.

I DID e-mail Pentax re a firmware upgrade but since the *istD is an
older camera that is unlikely. Haven't heard back from them yet...


Longer exposures aren't much of an issue because the old "hat trick"
still works...

Hmmm. Might have to look at Pop's Nikon and see about getting a T-mount
for it...

I'm pretty sure he'll let me borrow it (he let me borrow his Rollei when
I was 16)...


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Subject:	pentax mirror lock up answer
Sent:	Wednesday, June 13, 2007 01:35:05
From:	matt swa (
I dont have the *ist, but do have the K10D. on mine to lock up the
mirror, you have to use the 2 second delay / self timer mode. this lets
you focus and frame then start the timer which will imediately raise the
mirror then two seconds later release the shutter. hope this helps.

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Subject:	My ETX-90RA and a Pentax *istD DSLR
Sent:	Friday, May 25, 2007 06:52:56
From:	Phil G (
Hello Mike! Haven't e-mailed you in a while but I check your site

I am starting a new phase in astrophotography with my ETX (and my
Nextar5) which involves a Pentax *istD DSLR I got a while back. I chose
the Pentax because I have a collection of glass and telescope adapters
for the K-mount lenses (having owned a Pentax ME-Super for many years).

I have searched around, but I was wondering if anyone has had any
experience with these cameras particularly how to lock up the mirror to
reduce camera shake?

There is a procedure in the manual to do so to clean the CCD but so far
I can find nothing about locking the mirror AND taking pictures.

Perhaps one of your readers may have some insight?

They are welcome to e-mail me at .

Still enjoy your site after all these years.


Phil G
Mike here: There is a similar procedure for the Nikon D70 DSLR but you can't capture an image while the mirror is locked up.

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