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Last updated: 27 December 2011

This page documents Canon DSLR camera comments, tips, and photos. Search the site for "canon dslr" for other items about the Canon DSLR cameras. Contributions welcome.

Subject:	You are costing me a lot of money...and it's well worth it!
Sent:	Saturday, December 24, 2011 19:23:56
From:	Kenny Dubuisson (
I've been so entranced by your astrophotography shots and wanting to do
that myself that I finally got my camera for Christmas a few days ago. 
I ended up going with the Canon EOS 60D and I'm loving it so far.  I've
yet to get all the adapters and a prime focuser for the scope (for which
I'm going to get your advice before I buy) but I wanted to share some
shots I took yesterday of the sun in the clouds and I was amazed at the
camera because I had it in total manual mode with zero coloring and
filters (and the shots were not retouched in any way) and I think they
look great.  For someone who has never done amateur photography before,
I am very lucky that my career was in television working with cameras
and lenses that cost many $100k each as it just seemed to fall into my
hands and feel natural...I'm kinda proud of these photos for my third
day with the camera.

I'l share more details later why I chose that camera over the D7000 as
it was back and forth.  But for now I hope you enjoy these shots.  I
can't wait to get the camera on my scope since Saturn is now visible.
Happy Holidays to you and Laurraine and your whole family.  I sincerely
thank you for your help this year in helping me have so much fun with my
telescope; you've brought joy to my life helping to restore my kid-like
wonder of the night sky.


Here is the link to the gallery:  Check out 'Sunrise on Pensacola Beach'

Kenny Dubuisson, Jr.

End of today's update

Subject:	ETX 125EC piggybacking my Canon D400 on Orion
Sent:	Sunday, October 17, 2010 10:42:57
From:	Lee R (
It's been a long time since my last email to you when I sent you a
picture of the moon using a Nokia 6230i mobile phone here>>

I must firstly thank you for all the information on your site about the
mechanical workings of the ETX. I have only fixed the RA and balanced
the gearing inside to make it track smoothly so far (I need some courage
to remove the tube for the DEC :-O ).  I only have 1' of slop in the DEC
and with the model of ETX 125EC that I have the last before the PE
versions, it looks like Meade went to town as it has been fitted quality
sealed bearings etc, so with myself adding a steel washer underneath the
DEC scale disk it tightens perfectly with no slipping.

Anyhow the telescope has excelled in piggybacking my Canon D400 (or XTi
Rebel 'AKA' in the USA) and I wish to share these two images I recently
took in the past week from the date of this email. The first imageis  of
Orion's belt which was a 10 minute single exposure @ F5.6, ISO 800 &
focal length 145mm, which I cleaned it up in Photoshop getting rid of
the redness etc you can see the result I got :-D. The second image is of
M42 Orion's Nebula a 5 minute single exposure @ F5.6, ISO 800 & focal
length 300mm, again cleaned up in the same manner in Photoshop :-D

I'm no expert in Photoshop skills nor astrophotgraphy, I just learn as I
go and as we all know it's trial and error. I guess the main thing is
now I can share what I see with people and that makes me one happy
chappy :-D

Wishing you clear skies as always from Lee. R...    Devon UK....



End of 18 October 2010 update

Subject:	Canon EOS XTi photography with ETX 125 Premier.
Sent:	Sunday, October 3, 2010 11:58:27
From:	David Brickner (
Hi..........first of all you have a great site.  I am wondering what
accessories I can use to do eyepiece projection with my Canon thru the
back of my ETX.  I bought a #64 T adapter, the backcell adapter (07036),
the T ring, and a Meade eyepiece holder #  07182 and thought it would
work. The meade eyepiece is too big when I screw on the T adapter collar
to the eyepiece holder.  Is there some other arrangement I need?  Been
searching the net.  Thanks
Dave Brickner           Benn scopin it since 1960!!!
Mike here: Not all eyepieces will fit inside eyepiece projection adapters. Certainly the Series 4000 26mm will not. Before doing eyepiece projection astrophotography, I suggest doing prime focus astrophotography first to gain some experience with imaging with the ETX and your camera. The smaller image scale will be more forgiving on tracking errors and provide a brighter image to work with. Doing eyepiece projection yields a high magnification but also creates problems with image blurring due to tracking errors or mount vibrations. Plus the image will be faint except on bright objects like planets or the moon.


Thanks for the reply.  I have done some prime focus withe the ETX.  I
was just wondering what WOULD work. If I could get exact measurements on
some of the accessories I would know if it was possible to do eyepiece
projection from the back. Maybe the 7352 adapter?  Thanks.
Mike here: I've never tried eyepiece projection from the rear port. I've occasionally done it from the top. If you have several eyepieces, try them. Removing the rubber eye-guard may help.

End of 6 October 2010 update

Subject:	Canon Digital Rebel Xti and the ETX 80 TC set up for astrophotography
Sent:	Tuesday, December 29, 2009 13:15:26
From:	Power Chick (
I  have a Canon Digital Rebel Xti camera, and the Meade ETX 80 TC
telescope. I want to try astrophotography. I have the adapter to connect
the camera, and have connected it. That is as far as I have gotten - I
am not a professional photographer or astromomer, just passionate about

Can you recommend a good beginner book / manual for me that provides
step by step setup?

By the way - incredible website!
Mike here: There is a lot of info on astrophotography on the Helpful Information: Astrophotography. Browse through the articles there. I suggest you start your astrophotography with the Moon.

End of 31 December 2009 update

Subject:	Rebel XTi
Sent:	Friday, January 18, 2008 14:53:29
Hi there - I am an amateur astronomer and am ready to try
astrophotography.  You seem to have some good tips and advice for us

I just got a Rebel XTi for my birthday - seems like a great camera and I
have heard good things.  I purchased a FotoSharp focusing adapter from
the telescope store to attach to my camera (T ring fitting screws on to
the body and it supposed to give you the green light, so to speak, when
you are in focus).  These adapters are great and work with the XT no
problem but I am having trouble getting it to work on my XTi.  The guys
at the shop are also baffled.  It works at some focal points but not
others.  Any ideas?  What could be different about this model?  Is there
some adjustment or setting that can override this?  Any ideas or
assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Denise Sutherland

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