Last updated: 23 February 2008

I had planned to go up to Oracle Observatory for the eclipse but the forecast was for clouds and rain. So I decided to stay home. However, during most of the late afternoon here in Oro Valley it was mostly clear. But about an hour before the eclipse some clouds starting appearing in the west (and were moving this way according to satellite images). The race was on. Just before the main phase of the eclipse was to start:

The Moon cleared the mountains to the east.
The clouds reached the zenith and covered the sky to the west.

But as the eclipse started and right up until Totality began I was able to view and occasionally photograph the eclipse, either through a small hole in the clouds or sometimes even through the clouds. Here is a montage of the best photos:


I was then clouded out right after the last photo.

All of the photos were taken with my Nikon D70 DSLR with a 200mm lens (I had elected to not set up the ETX-90RA due to the clouds and chance of rain). These images were cropped from the original Raw images.

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