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Subject:	Jupiter and Io
Sent:	Friday, February 1, 2002 19:29:43
From: (Jean-Yves Beninger)
Last night (1 feb 2002, 15:00 GMT), I took this picture (in fact stack
of 150 pics with Sony video camera)of Jupiter with what appears to be
Io's shadow. I did not notice it visually and was surprised to see it on
the shots. It is very clear in every individual picture!

Best regards


Subject:	Picture of moon
Sent:	Sunday, March 3, 2002 23:48:24
From: (Jean-Yves Beninger)
Here is a picture of the moon you may like to post on your site. Taken
from Perth (Australia), using ETX125EC and Sony MiniDV video camera. 20
pictures stacked using astrostack.
Best regards


Subject:	Better shot from Jupiter
Sent:	Friday, March 8, 2002 0:21:11
From: (Mikko Syrjasuo)
The earlier Jupiter shots I sent you earlier had an artifact due to
"bad" choice in grayscale modification. This resulted in a bright spot
between the cloud belts in the centre of the planet. Anyway, I'm

I captured this one by using the same setup: ETX-70, Meade UWA 6.7mm and
my DV camcorder. I've stacked about hundred images for each colour
component (scaled to 200% size). Hope this encourages other small scope
owners with their experiments...



Subject:	Jupiter with videocam
Sent:	Saturday, March 15, 2003 8:19:26
did this one and the next one with my Sony handycam and eyepiece projection.



Subject:	Orion
Sent:	Sunday, March 16, 2003 7:58:36
I tried yesterday to shoot The Orion Nebula from within my house through
a dirty window with a Sony TRV 110 camcorder put on a 26mm Plossl on my
ETX90. Not spectaculair, but nice to see that if you play with Levels in
Photoshop, you can actually get the nebula. I use the TRV110 because I
don't have a good digital photocamera. I am a little broke, but when I
have some money again I want to search for an Olympus 2020Z. Or do you
(or others who read this) know a good digital camera for less than $400
for astrophotography (especially deep-sky!).

Orion Orion Orion
A good site with answers to digital astro photography is: Greetings Job Geheniau The Netherlands

Subject:	ETX-105 and Casio QV-3500ex digicam
Sent:	Monday, March 24, 2003 9:16:44
From: (Craig M . Bobchin)
I'm also attaching my 1st ever attempt at imaging Saturn with my ETX-105
and Casio QV-3500ex digicam. Not to impressive I know, but at least I
got something for my efforts.

Take care


Mike here: Here is the same shot, cropped from the original:


Subject:	Moon Pics
Sent:	Thursday, April 17, 2003 15:16:37
Hi, I took these photos on an ETX 90 RA using a cheap 100 Nisis DV cam.
I thought they were quite good for such a cheap cam.


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Subject:	Saturn last night for you
Sent:	Friday, December 5, 2003 10:25:34
From: (StuMegan)
I  am sure you get loads of images sent. Here's one I took through my
recently acquired ETX125. Taken through an ETX 125 UHTC, using a Meade
4000 26mm plossol attached via a scopetronix Digi-T connector to a Canon
ZR25MC Camcorder. No retouching was done whatsoever. Used the still
photo option on the camera, which is approx 300k pixels ( < 1/3rd
megapixel), so I was quite pleased. I need a new camera ;).

Thanks so the ETX site btw.


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