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Subject:	planets images
Sent:	Thursday, January 2, 2003 2:51:38
From: (Dieter Weisser)
first - your webside is great !! every time i look at your side it is
uptodate!! many thanx !( sorry my english is not so good, i am from
vienna - austria)

here are a few images i made with my mighty etx  ;-) and my digi cam
olympus c3000. this images any many other are on my webside

many thanx that your are posting my images on your web side.

as an etx user it is a matter-of-course to know about your side !

best regards


Subject:	National Symbol
Sent:	Monday, January 6, 2003 8:41:39
From: (Wilsing Earl P GS-12 AMC/XPM)
Love your site.  I purchased an ETX 90RA several months ago.  I'm
waiting for some favorable weather before I start playing with
astrophotography.  My wife and I went up to Grafton Illinois this past
weekend on our annual eagle-watching trip (large numbers of bald eagles
winter along the river there).  This subject was very patient while I
set up my rig.

I used an Olympus D-520, my ETX 90RA with a 40mm Super Plossl, and a
SteadyPix Universal Camera mount.  I used CamediaMaster to clean up the
picture.  I know you concentrate on astrophotography but I couldn't
resist passing this on in case you had a place for it.

God Bless America.

Earl Wilsing
Click for full-size image

Subject:	Three months later...
Sent:	Monday, January 20, 2003 10:06:19
From: (Javier R)
Look at these pictures !

I have taken them with my ETX 105 and the Olympus CAMEDIA 4000. Who
would say it?... just three months ago I was making basic questions, and
now, here I am, taking my first nebula, planets and moon pictures.
Thanks for your help !.

The Orion Nebula is a combination of 8 good pictures (16 seconds each)
with Astrostack. I have tried to make sense of that picture, by
comparing it to the pictures of the Orion Nebula in Starry Night, but no
success yet.

I built my own adapter for the Olympus, with a PVC tube and some screws,
all with plastic terminations to avoid damaging the eyepieces... the
lens is really close to the eyepiece, which makes it work great.

Next goal... Andromeda !

Thank you for your help with good advices... every little new thing that
I discover in astronomy, deserves a lifetime of dedication to its
study... I feel like a little boy in a toy store !


Mike here: In the M42 image, those four stars in "trapezoidal" shape sure do like the Trapezium formation.


The Camedia 4000 is the 4 Megapixels model from Olympus... when you turn
on the camera, a tube with the lenses goes out an inch and a half. That
tube is what I use as a grip for the PVC adapter that I homebuilt. The
pictures were taken with the Meade SuperPlossl 26mm and the Meade 2x

The grip to the camera is secured by three rings of weather insolator,
that I put inside the PVC tube...

The grip to the eyepiece is secured by three small screws with plastic
tops at the end of each one.

I compared the Orion picture with others in the internet and books, and
the stars look similar, but the stars in "Starrynight" do not look
similar at all, specially the trapezium...

Tonight, I am attempting my two new goals: Andromeda and the Big Red
Spot on Jupiter... weather permitting, that is.

Check this picture out, too !


Subject:	Moon Pic
Sent:	Friday, February 7, 2003 17:20:32
From: (Mizman)
You continue to be an inspiration to all of us out there! I have
attached my latest pic of the moon taken with taken with my ETX 90EC, an
Olympus Camedia 2100UZ and a Scopetronix 400mm eyepiece adapter. I have
additional pictures at my website 

Thanks and clear skies!


Subject:	step rings and olympus 5050
Sent:	Saturday, March 29, 2003 19:19:19
From: (Mike)
I have been searching for many weeks now, to try to find a way to hook
up my Olympus 5050 to my telescope, without spending over a hundred
dollars to do it. Ive asked many people on different yahoo sites, and
everyone says you cant do it....that you have to buy the "proprietary"
scopetronix equipment.

I sent this message to my friend Pat:

Take a look at this site.....

Lets say I buy the 42mm Digi-T that Scoptronics has for 29.00

Now I buy a 42 to 46 step up for 5 bucks....ok

Now I buy a 46 to 43 step my lens adapter is 43 right now.

This is the order in size that I would need to go in from camera OUT...

I need to go from 43 to 46....then 46 to 42.....and then the 42 would go
on the Digi-T???????

Please do the math, and tell me if its feasable?
Pat has a Digi-T 42mm ring on His camera, this is what He wrote back to

I took a look and this is what I came up with.
(F) = female thread, (M) = male thread
Your camera adapter has------------- 43mm (F)
Part #AR-40 (46mm-43mm) step-down ring has----------- 43mm (M) / 46mm (F)
Part #AR-30 (42mm-46mm) step-up ring has -------------- 46mm (M) / 42mm (F)
Digi-t has--------------------------------------------------- 42mm (F)
So this should work. You would need the digi-t ring part #STDTR
So instead of spendiing 90 bucks (plus shipping), I can do the whole
thing for about 40 plus shipping.
Does anyone see anything wrong with the way it may work?
Thanks for help and positive feedback
    Clear Skys/Mike

If I had a job, I would have no problem buying the whole system from
scopetronix, I have bought alot of things from them in the past. I just
dont think its right to ask $60 for a $5.00 step ring.

     Thank you for your advice Mike
        ETX90-EC owner/Mike
Mike here: It should work but let me point out one possible drawback to multiple rings. The more rings you have the further back the camera lens will be. This will lead to more vignetting and could make photography very difficult, with a resulting small field.
Subject:	Albireo
Sent:	Monday, May 26, 2003 05:11:00
Attached Albireo. Done with ETX90 and 2020Z digital camera and Meade 9.7
plossl. Finaly some good weather here after weeks of clouds and rain.

Job Geheniau
The Netherlands

Subject:	tough day
Sent:	Sunday, June 1, 2003 06:13:34
Didnt sleep for 24 hours yesterday. But the results:

sun eclips (mailed before)

M57 (my first deep sky with ETX)

M57 M57 Folder
Mars (the first pictures, will be beter next months) done with 2020Z and ETX with 2020Z.
Mars Mars
Job Geheniau The Netherlands Now I need some rest :)

Subject:	Moon Shot
Sent:	Sunday, November 9, 2003 20:30:25
Please post the attached picture of the moon.  Details:

Taken by: 
Date:  11/02/03
Camera:  Olympus C750UZ, 50% zoom.  Camera mounted with Orion steady-pix
device.  The C750UZ zoom feature is so strong, it can actually hinder
good pictures.
Telescope:  Meade ETX125EC, standard 26mm eyepiece.    

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