Last updated: 5 February 2001

All of Dick Seymour's Autostar Patches

Feb 04, 2001
This page contains links and instructions for patching Meade Autostar firmware files. These patches either correct errors, or add functions I and others have found useful.

In short:
You download firmware files from Meade's support site
( http://www.meade.com/support/auto.html ),
use this page to provide a "patcher" and the patches,
drag-and-drop the patch onto the Patcher's icon,
and then use Meade's Updater to move the improved firmware to your Autostar.
Starfinder and 494 Autostar support coming soon...

On this page: Features, the Files, a How-to-do, and Jim Berry's Patcher Program Notes.

Among the features you can add are:

Meade ETX Autostar Firmware File Patcher

Program by: Jim Berry - Nov 2000
Packaging, patches, webpages and obligatory typos by: Dick Seymour
Webpage: rev 1f (added Sat AOS patch for 21Ek patch file)

A really, really plain vanilla application to patch Meade AutoStar ROM files as directed by a text script file.

How to run it:

astarpat.exe autostar.rom patch.txt

Inputs: ROM file to be patched; patch list.
Outputs: new version of ROM file, renamed original ROM file (ROM_bak)

Full run syntax: [drive:\path\path\]astarpat [path\]ROM_file [path\]patch_file

Can be invoked from Start Menu's Run... command,
or from a DOS window.

In an effort to make compatibility more likely, all I/O is stdio and all accesses are byte-oriented. Kinda inefficient, but easy.

The script currently can contain the following commands, defined by the opcode in the first character position:

R byteOffset oldVal newVal
Look for oldVal at position byteOffset and replace it with newVal If oldVal isn't there, print a message and exit (if the value is already newVal, print "Maybe already patched?", too).

T byteOffset oldVal "error message"
Look for oldVal at position byteOffset and if it isn't found, print the error message and abort.
All values are hex. Lines that don't start with one of the valid opcodes are ignored.

What it does:

First, it reads the ROM file into memory (it's only a half meg or so.)

Next, it goes through and runs all of the tests and applies all of the changes to the buffer.

If (and only if) everything succeeds,

If any test fails, the whole thing just bails and the buffer is never written out.



Mike here: You can also download the complete ZIP file containing Jim Berry's automatic patcher (27,416 bytes) for both the 495 and 497 Autostars. Read the instructions. It also includes a web page (open in your web browser) with more info (shown above) as well as links to the software. All the software referenced in the HTML file are in the ZIP file as well.

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