Last updated: 24 October 2001

Patch kit for 2.2Et

Sent:	Wednesday, October 24, 2001 19:51:05
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)
The patches provided for 2.2Et are now available for 2.2Et.

They are available here as  patch22et.zip

Unzip that, and read the readme file contained therein.
The patch file itself also has instructions.

From the included readme file:

Patch Kit for 2.2Et
 (1)  Az and Alt Training display/editing  (in Setup>Train> scroll sequence)
     If you scroll down from Alt Train,
        you will reach  EDIT/Az Train  and EDIT/Alt Train
      Pressing ENTER to select those items will show you the stored value generated
       by your last Training session.  You may make notes, and/or change them.
       Press ENTER for the changes to be written to memory.
       You will need to cycle power for the changes to take effect.
 (2) Limit maximum Elevation during GoTo (under Utilities>Max Elev)
       To avoid damage to rear-port-mounted equipment, this feature sets an upper
        limit to the elevation (Dec) the telescope will go during a GoTo.
       If the target requires entering the "danger zone", the Autostar will Warn you,
        giving you the choice of pressin g [goto] agian to proceed, or Mode to cancel
        the motion.   The value you enter is in arcminutes.  This table gives angles:
         90 deg = 5400 min           60 deg = 3600 min
         80 deg = 4800 min           50 deg = 3000 min
         70 deg = 4200 min           40 deg = 2400 min
       It will be remebered across power-ups.  You do NOT need to power-cycle.

 (3) Lower elevation limit for Satellite AOS point (Under Object>Satellite)
      This adds a menu item between Satellite/Delete and Satellite/Edit
      It shows as   Satellite/AOS Elev:
      If you press enter to select it, you are shown the lowest angle the Autostar
       will use for predicting a satellite pass's start.  The value is in degrees.
      It will be remembered across power-ups.  You do NOT need to power-cycle.

 (4) Satellite AOS (rise) time displayed to the second
 (5)  Optional: satellite tracking automatically starts when counter hits zero (no beep)
 (6)  Optional: Cord Wrap on/off available for all models
 (7)  Version number will change to 2.2Et.  Initialization will show "2.2t"
 (8) To provide Menu slots,  Removes  OwnerInfo/Street/City/Zip/State.
       OwnerInfo/Address is now an input operation

Other suggestions invited...
have fun

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