Last updated: 22 March 2002

Patch kits for 2.4Ea

Subject:	slightly updated patch kit for 24Ea
Sent:	Friday, March 22, 2002 8:19:16
From: (Richard Seymour)
This ( is a slightly revised version of my patch kit for
v24eA. The -patch- is exactly the same as was released on 3/19/2002.
What has changed is the installation method.  No more drag-and-drop.

The update handle the fact that Meade has changed their file name from
"build.rom" to "Build24ea.rom"
And it's also easier to apply...

It provides Training-data display and editing,
 a Utility for setting the Maximum Elevation a GoTo will attempt,
 Satellite AOS times displayed to the second,
 control over the lowest Satellite AOS elevation,
 optional automatic satellite-pass start, 
 optional Cord Wrap control for hard-stopped scopes,
 and (last but not least) adds the 4504/114eq-dh4 as known models.

 Full patching utilities and instructions in the package. 

Basically: unzip it, put everything into 
Program Files/Meade/ASU/Ephemerides
have v24eA innocently sitting there as "build24ea.rom"
Then double-click on the CLICK_ME.bat file.              <<--- NEW
The patch will happen.

Then download the changed build24ea.rom file to your Autostar. Your
original build24ea.rom will remain untouched, but renamed to
build24ea.rom_bak, and will still be seen by ASU v3.33 in its drop-down
Local File list.
The patch creates 24a4  (instead of 24Ea), so you can locate it.


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