Last updated: 31 August 2001

Satellite AOS elevation and Training Display/Control Patches

Sent:	Saturday, August 25, 2001 00:12:47
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)

In there is a 9 kbyte "patch22er.zip" file dated 24-aug-2001.
It contains 4 files:
 readme22.txt,  both22er.txt, sat22er.txt, and train22er.txt
The individual files are also available at:
readme22.txt,  both22er.txt, sat22er.txt, and train22er.txt

If you use the patcher detailed at Mike's Site at:

These files will patch Meade's v22ER firmware for the Autostar.

The "both22er.txt" file will give you:

Satellite AOS (rise-time) prediction displayed to the second.
Keypad control over Satellite AOS minimum altitude
Automatic beginning-of-track of the satellite pass.


Ability to display and edit the results of Training the axes.

The "sat22er.txt" and "train22er.txt" let you choose to implement
only the Satellite and/or Training patches, as you wish.  You can
add either half later.
The AOS to-the-second and Automatic-tracking can be -prevented-
from being implemented by editing the .txt file and adding 2 or 4 
 semicolons (;) at the places indicated.
All files have comments, the "readme22.txt" has a detailed list
 of how-to-install instructions.

These patches affect/apply to the original copy of v22eR's 
"autostar.rom" file as supplied by Meade... 
The "patcher" program will only affect an autostar.rom file found
 in \ProgramFiles\Meade\Autostar\AutostarUpdate\Ephemerides

If you have a Windows 2000 installation, or your Updater is located
elsewhere, you will have to create the above folder-tree, and place
 both an  "autostar.rom" and "ASTarPat.exe" file in there for the
 patching system to work.  Then move the patched file to -your-
 Ephemerides folder for Uploading.

If history follows its normal course, Bill Bauer may post an
entire patched ROM file kit to the LX90 egroup's files area
in the "Autostar Firmware Updates"  folder.

good luck

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