Last updated: 13 September 2001

New Patch... including Elevation GoTo Limits

Sent:	Sunday, September 9, 2001 10:27:43
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)

   ** This patch works with the NEW ASU updater only! **

Well, i have a new patch: it's a combination of the old-style
   v22er Training and Satellite patches... plus:

It now offers live-time settable Elevation Travel Limits
You can now control the maximum Elevation/Declination your scope
   will attempt during a GoTo.
No more damage to rear-port-mounted diagonals, cameras, etc.

You can still manually slew anywhere, and, if a GoTo would intrude
into the guarded space, the Autostar will say: "CHECK MOUNT"
with a long scrolling message about possible damage.
 You can still GoTo that zone by proper keypressing.

The control is located a scroll-up from Setup>Telescope>Az Train
The value is display/entered as ARCMINUTES... so 5400 == 90 degrees.
Any change made is remembered across power-ups.
You can reset to "factory" default by simply re-selecting your 
telescope model, or by putting 5400 back in there.
4800 = 80 deg, 4200 = 70deg, 3600 = 60 deg, 3000 = 50 deg,
 2400 = 40 deg,  1800 = 30 deg,  1200 = 20 deg, 600 =10 deg.

** This patch works with the NEW ASU updater only! **

I've posted it at: 
That 22K zip file contains:
 newReadme.txt   <-- instructions
 newPatch.bat    <-- DOS batch file for doing the job
 AStarPat.exe    <--- DOS executable which does the patch
 newALL22er.txt  <--- the patch list itself, with more explanations.

Unpack it into your c:\Program Files\Meade\ASU\Ephemerides   folder,
  Drag-and-drop the "newall22er.txt" icon onto the "newpatch.bat"
     icon to start the process.

have fun
(yes, i really -have- tested this one)
Mike here: The patch is also available on the ETX Site.

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