Last updated: 29 March 2002

High Precision patch for 2.4Ea

Sent:	Tuesday, March 26, 2002 9:17:22
From: (Richard Seymour)
Raymond Barbour asked:
> I have a DS-127 and the mount has a lot of play so using High Precision is
> useful to find stuff. The only problem is that I have to turn it on every
> time I use the scope. With your knowledge of the firmware, would it be
> possible to allow this setting to be kept when the autostar is switched off?

Well, it's surprisingly difficult to move a value to the remember-when-off
category... but i -can- provide a couple of patches...
one which will -lock-  it permanently ON.
The other (which i'd choose) reverses the default from OFF to ON.
So, if there's a session you -don't- want it, you use the normal setting
 procedure to kill it for -that- session only.

(another request by folks is to have it remember the "Reverse L/R" and "U/D"
items.. in older versions they -were- remembered)

The lock-ON patch would be:

R   53E42   1e   20    ; +2
R   53E43   00   05    ; +5
R   53E44   08   01     ; checksum -7

The usually-on patch would be:

R   53E42   1e  1f   ;  +1   instruction
R   57780   ff  fe   ; -1    checksum adjust

The usually-on patch will -reverse- the meaning of the ON/OFF setting
(so ON will be OFF and OFF will be ON), but that particular setting-section 
is too tightly coded for an easy flip of the display.

So, choose one or the other of the above.  Either one can be applied
independently of the rest of my patch kit, or they can be added to
the normal patchkit   patch24a4.txt  file and applied with the kit.

The first patch changes a branch-if-bit-set to a branch-always
;;  (A-AE42)  brset   bra ae49 (i.e. skip next 3-byte instruction)
The second one changes the branch-if-bit-set  to branch-if-bit-clear.
;;   A-AE42  brset   brclr

good luck

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