Last updated: 25 September 2003

Patch kit for v30Eb

Sent:	Wednesday, September 24, 2003 23:11:00
From: (Richard Seymour)
Here is my usual with-4504 patch kit for firmware version v30Eb.

This kit ( will add the 45O4/114EQ to the Autostar's 
known models list, as well as the usual features of
my kits (Edit Training Results, automatic satellite starts, etc)

The kit also includes two additional, optional patch files.
One allows you to access punctuation and lowercase characters
when you are entering object names at the keypad
(such as Comets or Satellites), and the other, totally weird,
allows you to skip the time/date entry at power-up.
The only folks who should use that are people interested 
in -totally- hands-off (remote) Autostar operation.

Download the kit, unZip it, and read both the README.txt file
and the first section of the patch30b4.txt file.

have fun

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