Last updated: 20 November 2003

Patch kit for v30Ee

Subject:	updated updated patchkit
Sent:	Wednesday, November 19, 2003 08:19:00
From: (Richard Seymour)
There was a typo in the "skipdate" portion of 30e4/30e5.
Here's an updated 30e5 with that corrected.

have fun
--dick (blushing)

Subject:	AutostarSuite-safe patch for 30Ee
Sent:	Saturday, November 8, 2003 08:37:36
From: (Richard Seymour)
Attached is a new version of my 30Ee patch kit for the 497 Autostar.

I discovered two conflicts between my 30e4 kit and Autostar Suite's
Remote Handbox:  
(a) it didn't show my Edit Training on the left menu list (can't have that!)
(b) using Remote Handbox in Owner Info could get into a runaway "scroll Up"
 situation (due to lazy link-tie-offs on my part)

This patch kit:  corrects both situations.

Nothing else has changed from 30e4, it still offers:
Display/Edit Training results
Automatic start-of-satellite-tracking
Adds 4504 to telescope model list

The full version identifier Setup > Statistics > [scroll up]
shows 30e5.
The power-on identifier shows  30e  

have fun

Sent:	Sunday, October 26, 2003 13:15:19
From: (Richard Seymour)
(boy, Meade is running us patch-makers ragged...)

Here is a patch kit package ( 
for Meade's 495/497 Autostar firmware
version 30Ee

This kit  adds the 45O4/114EQ to the Autostar's 
known models list, as well as the usual features of my kits:
Display and Edit Training Results,
automatic start of satellite tracking,
ability to turn Cord Wrap OFF for all models.

Previously available patches,
 such as satellite rise-time displayed to-the-second,
are now a part of Meade's released code.

Please read the included README.txt and the first portion
of the patch30e4.txt files for instructions.

The kit also includes two additional, optional patch files.
One allows you to access punctuation and lowercase characters
when you are entering object names at the keypad
(such as Comets or Satellites), and the other, totally weird,
allows you to skip the time/date entry at power-up.
The only folks who should use that are people interested 
in -totally- hands-off (remote) Autostar operation.

If you would prefer to pick-and-choose individual patches
(for example, you have a DS-70, which my kit "steals"),
you can use Chris Carson's Updater "StarPAtch", which provides
that feature (it is a free download from his StarGPS site:  (<-- yes, ca  not com)

have fun

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