Last updated: 24 August 2004

patch kit for 32Eh

Sent:	Tuesday, August 24, 2004 20:43:08
From:	Richard Seymour (
Here is Dick's patch kit for firmware v32Eh for the 497 Autostar.

This kit provides:
  Display and  Editing of Drive Training Values (how loose are YOUR gears?)
     (an EDIT menu item under Setup>Train Drives)
  Adds 4504/114eq to Known Models (replaces DS-70)(a GEM scope!)
     (this also allows DS motors to be used on a GEM mount.)
  PEEK ...... adds :EPxxxxx# command, returns 16-bit contents. Decimal args/results.

OPTIONAL patches: (edit the patch file to invoke or supress)
 Supplied turned "on":
  Automatic Satellite Track starting at down-count=zero 
  CordWrap control (allows you to turn off Cord Wrap for all models)
  Allow LPI to autoguide in Alt/Az for all models
Supplied turned "off":
  Skip time/date/daylight at power-up (only useful for fully-remote control)

The kit includes a README file (for how to run the patch process),
the "patch32h4.txt" file which -is- the patch kit.
AstarPat.exe  ... the program which modifies Meade's ROM file

A flurry of "Click_me" files to semi-automate the process 
 (four different ones to handle the four different ways Meade's 
  Updater may have stored the Build32Eh.rom  file)

have fun

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