Last updated: 14 April 2005

Dick's Patch Kit for v33El

Sent:	Wednesday, April 13, 2005 21:39:54
From:	Richard Seymour (
Here's my "standard" patch kit for the 497 Autostar's v33El firmware.

This contains the full current "usual" set of enhancements:
 Alibility to display and edit Drive Training results
 Replaces the DS-70 with the 4505 (a GEM mount)
 Adds a PEEK (:EPxxxx#) command for compatibility with Andrew Johansen's
   PEC Editor ( )
 Optional features: 
   Automatic start-of-satellite-pass tracking (instead of the beep)
   CordWrap can be turned Off for all models
   Allows LPI/DSI to Autoguide in Alt/Az as well as Polar
   Can skip the date/time/daylight prompting at power-up (for remote operation).
  This kit also has optional sections to allow PEC Training on scopes with
    non-Meade final gearing, with 100, 130, 180, 359 and 360 tooth final gears.

There's a ReadMe.txt file on  "how to patch", and the start of the PatchXXXX.txt
 file describes how to activate/block the optional sections.

This kit will also be included in the next StarGPS/StarPatch patch kit
 as well. ( )

have fun

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