Last updated: 5 January 2005

patch kit for 33Ef .. 2nd edition

Subject:	Re: v33Ef patch kit -- update here...
Sent:	Tuesday, January 4, 2005 22:26:32
From:	Richard Seymour (
Here is the 2nd Edition of my 33Ef patch kit.

This one corrects a serious bug in the PEEK code
(caused a Proc Trap 2 if you tried it with Autostar Suite
or Andrew Johansen's PEC Editor).

It also has a set of optional patches at the end to provide
PEC capabilities to non-Meade mounts (using DS- and 4504- motor sets).

Please read the start of the patch33ef4504.txt file
(and the end, if you have non-Meade mounts)
and the ReadMe.txt file.

have fun

Sent:	Sunday, December 26, 2004 18:16:54
From:	Richard Seymour (
Here's my first edition patch kit for 33Ef.

It is lacking PEC training for 4504-type telescopes.
That will be added in the future "second edition", but this one
 has been delayed long enough.

For all ETX/LX/DS users, it is complete.

This kit  adds the 45O4/114EQ to the Autostar's 
known models list, as well as the usual features of
my kits:
Display and Edit Training Results,
automatic start of satellite tracking,
ability to turn Cord Wrap OFF for all models.
allows LPI Autoguiding in Alt/Az for all models.

Displayed version number becomes  "33f"

This patch also adds a 'hook' to allow operation with 
 Andrew Johansen's PEC editor program.

Please read the included README.txt and the first portion
of the patch33ef4.txt files for instructions.

If you would prefer to pick-and-choose individual patches
(for example, you have a DS-70, which my kit "steals"),
you can use Chris Carson's Updater "StarPatch", which provides
that feature (it is a free download from his StarGPS site:  (<-- yes, ca  not com)

This patch kit is fully compatible with Autostar Suite's
Remote Handbox

have fun

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