Last updated: 18 June 2005

Patch Kit for 34Ec

Sent:	Sunday, June 12, 2005 18:41:33
From:	Richard Seymour (
Here's patch kit for v34Ec 

This kit has added hooks to work with Andrew Johansen's
PEC Editor (being improved daily).  You will soon be
able to do live updates of your PEC, without reverting
to Download mode.

This kit provides the following features:
(a)  Display and Editing of Drive Training Values
(b)  Optional Automatic Satellite Track starting at down-count=zero
(c)  *Optional CordWrap control for all scopes
(d)  Optional LPI Autoguiding of Alt/Az mounted scopes (enabled)
(e)  Version number change from 34Ec  to 34cc (so Initialization shows 34c)
(f)  *Optional (but disabled) SkipDate patch (see below)
(g)  Adds "peek" and "poke" functions for use with Andrew Johansen's PEC editors.
(h)  *Adds the Meade 4504 and 114EQ-DH4 to the Known Telescope Models list.
      (Removes the DS-70 model (to provide space for the above)*.
      (if you enable this part, the version becomes 34c4)
(i)  *Provides PEC Timing data for customized final drive gearing.
(j)  *Fool DSI to Autoguide an Alt/Az mounted scope.

Features with the asterisk (*) are NOT enabled by default.

The README has been completely rewritten,
the structure of the Patch file has changed,
but it's still a "click the ClickMe, then Update" 
procedure (or easier)

have fun

Subject:	update to patch34cc
Sent:	Tuesday, June 14, 2005 22:48:32
From:	Richard Seymour (
The allow-DSI-to-autoguide-in-Alt/Az  patch had a typo.
This version corrects it (if folks -chose- that subsection,
the StarMod patcher would've caught the error, so faulty 
downloads wouldn't have happened.)

There are also minor changes to the ReadMe file.

have fun

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