Last updated: 14 February 2006
Subject:	patch kit for 41Ec
Sent:	Monday, February 13, 2006 09:11:45
From:	richard seymour (
Dick's patch kit for 41Ec..

Provides Drive Training Display/Edit,
automatic start of satellite tracking,
replaces DS-70 with 4504,
optional PEC adjustment for 100/130/180/359/360-tooth final drives,
 allows turning OFF Cord Wrap on all scopes,
allows LPI Autoguiding in Alt/Az on all telescopes,
has a (disabled) optional skip time/date prompt during startup,
 adds 'hooks' for Andrew Johansen's PEC editor.

Provides supression of the "0 to Align, Mode for Menu"
and "0 for Tour, Mode for Menu" prompts (always chooses 'Menu')

Fixes an obscure bug affecting LXD models using a remote
date-set command.

Fetch it, unzip it, read the README, click ClickMe.
Have Fun --dick

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