Last updated: 24 November 2007
Subject:	43Eg patch kit, rev 17
Sent:	Friday, November 23, 2007 20:33:12
From:	richard seymour (
I have found the problem with this feature of the patch kit.
Meade added a second test for "are we Polar?" in the
autoguiding pathway, and my patch kit did not override that.

This version (the 17th edition of the 43Eg patch kit... a
modification record for any version of Meade's firmware)
of the 43Eg/43gg  patch kit corrects that issue.

For the insanely curious, the editions were:
;   1st edition.. 21-apr-2007
;   2nd edition   21-apr-2007  includes HighPrecOn at boot
;   3rd edition   26-apr-2007  PolarPark and nonGEM LXD
;   4th edition    9-may-2007  convert BrightStar to GEM toggle
;   5th edition   11-may-2007  re-establish BrightStar menu item (so we can steal it)
;   6th edition   12-may-2007  correct bit in GEM on/off
;   7th edition   10-jun-2007   pause after Pole Offset message
;   8th edition   11-jun-2007  NONSTANDARD EN writes to low ram  (removed)
;   9th edition   12-jun-2007  standardized En writes to low ram based 3700
;  10th edition   13-jun-2007  Ea for set Az speed, Ee for set Alt speed.
;  10.1th edit    22-jun-2007  change skip simples to branches
;  11th edition   30-jul-2007  key 1 cycles sidereal tracking on/off [Key1 Toggle Sidereal]
;  12th edition   02-oct-2007  allows Mount choice for DS and DSX models [DSXmount]
;  13th edition   16-oct-2007  correct typo in [skip date]
;  14th edition   23-oct-2007  force battery alarm ON at boot [BattAlarmON]
;  15th edition   29-oct-2007  correct [ParkSideways] to know where it woke up
;  16th edition    2-nov-2007  add [33% Guide Rate]
;  17th edition   23-nov-2007  added 2nd section to pulseguider patch

have fun

Subject:	15th edition of 43gg patch kit 
Sent:	Tuesday, October 30, 2007 23:23:48
From:	richard seymour (
This update makes the Polar Park Sideways kludge a "true" PARK.

The scope will know where it's pointing at the next power-up.

[Park Sideways] changes the fork-mount Polar Park position from
"point at pole, eyepiece up, DEC=+/-90"
"point due East, Dec=0" (due West in the southern hemi).

This provides better clearance for cameras, etc,
and might be better for hiding under a rolling roof.

I have -no- idea what it would do to a GEM mount
(it might even ignore it).

This version of the kit also enables Polar mount style for
the DSX models/motor unit, as well as allows the Battery Alarm
to be forced ON at power-up.

As usual, read the ReadMe, click the ClickMe.
The file created will be Build43gg15.rom

The kit is

have fun

Subject:	The Lucky 13th edition of patch kit for v43Eg
Sent:	Tuesday, October 16, 2007 20:42:15
From:	richard seymour (
There were a couple of typos in the previous kits for
v43Eg .. one was in the rarely-used "Skip Date" patch
(and caused a Proc Trap 2), the other was in the
"pause after polar offset message" affecting Polar Two Star
(it didn't cause an -error-, it just didn't wait for the
ENTER key to be tapped)

The attached version corrects those, plus has a bunch
of other additions since the original patch kit.

Subject:	11th edition of patch kit for 497 Autostar v43Eg
Sent:	Thursday, September 20, 2007 08:32:10
From:	richard seymour (
Since Meade's firmware 43Eg has been out for quite a while,
I've been making a number of added-by-request features for
the "original" patch kit (noted in the message below this one).
This file is the current state of the kit.
Many of the additions are specialized, and not too useful
for general usage.  Some folks might find some of them handy.

Extracted from the ReadMe:
(v)  ### *force Cord Wrap ON at power-up for LX90s [LX90wrap]
(w)  *force High Precision GoTos ON at power-up [ForceHPon]
(x)  ### *change PARK position to point East [ParkSideways]
(y)  ### *turn off Meridian Flip (remove GEM attribute) for LXD55/75 [nonGEM LXD-permanent]
(z)  ### *make Meridian Flip switchable [nonGEM LXD-switchable]
(aa) Always show Align Stars names (remove Brightest) [killBrightest]
(ab) Hold Pole offset message until key pressed  [Pole Pause]
(ac) Key1 turns sidereal tracking off/of [Key1 Toggle Sidereal]

have fun

Subject:	patch kit for 43Eg
Sent:	Sunday, April 22, 2007 10:56:09
From:	richard seymour (
Here is Dick's current patch kit for v43Eg of the 497 Autostar firmware.

This is the full patch kit, with:

(a) Display and Editing of Drive Training Values  [Editing of Training Values]
(b) Optional Automatic Satellite Track starting at down-count=zero [Satellite AutoTrack]
(c) *Optional CordWrap control for all scopes  [Cord Wrap]
(d) Optional LPI Autoguiding of Alt/Az mounted scopes (enabled) [LPI Autoguiding for Alt/Az]
(e) Version number change from 43Eg  to 43gg (so Initialization shows 43g) [Version 43gg]
(f) *Optional (but disabled) SkipDate patch (see below)  [Skip Date/Time/Daylight]
(g) Adds "peek" and "poke" functions for use with Andrew Johansen's PEC editors.[PEC Editor Hook]
(h) *Adds the Meade 4504 and 114EQ-DH4 to the Known Telescope Models list. [4504/114eq vs DS-70]
      (Removes the DS-70 AND ds-2060 models (to provide space for the above))*.
(i) *Provides PEC Timing data for customized final drive gearing. [LXD N-tooth PEC]and[---tooth]
(j) *Fool DSI to Autoguide an Alt/Az mounted scope. [DSI Autoguiding for Alt/Az]
(k)  Avoid the "0 for Tour" prompts.  [Skip Simple Tour]
(l)  Avoid the "0 for Align" prompts.  [Skip Simple Align]
(m)  Save and recover Custom Tracking Rate across power cycles.[Save Custom Tracking Rate]
(o)  Magnify Custom Tracking Rate control by 10x [10x Finer Custom Tracking Rate]
(p)  *Slow down Spiral Search [SpiralSpeedSlower]
(q)  *makes 909 APM work on -all- telescope models [enable 909apm]
(r)  *adds short delay at boot-up to allow ETX80-TC clock module to be found [ETX80 delay]
(s)  *change Polar Park to DEC=0 instead of DEC=90  [ParkZero]
(t)  *change GuideRate from 67% of sidereal to 100% [100% Guide Rate]
(u)  *set Pec data for 360-tooth LX90 [LX90-360tooth]
(v)  *force Cord Wrap ON at power-up for LX90s [LX90wrap]

Features with the asterisk (*) are NOT enabled by default.
You can enable them by editing lines like:
in the patch43gg.txt (or patch43g4.txt) file.
Read the ReadMe file for more details, instructions and guides.

Due to free space issues in Meade's firmware, the 4504 model no longer
has PEC data associated.  If you wish to PEC a 4504 model, choose an LXD
model, and enable the 100-tooth LXD PEC data options.  You will then
need to change the Gear Ratios on the keypad, but that change will
be remembered by the Autostar.

have fun


This adds forcing High Precision ON at power-up
as an optional feature.

have fun

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