Last updated: 13 May 2002

Patch kit for LX200gps v1.2b

Sent:	Sunday, May 12, 2002 20:46:02
From: (Richard Seymour)
Attached as  is my patch kit modified for the LX200gps
version 1.2b firmware for the Autostar II.

It provides: ability to display/edit Training values,
Satellite AOS predictions displayed to the second
automatic start of satellite pass tracking,
version number changed from 1.2b  to 1.2B

Unpack the zip file, read the "readme12bb.txt" file,
place the four files into  c:\ProgramFiles\Meade\ASU\Ephemerides
along with buildLX12b.rom, which you previously download from Meade's

Then use the Autostar Updater to Update your scope with the
buildLX12b.rom file, which will appear in your "Local" list
as 1.2B (uppercase).  Even if you are already running 1.2b,
your scope will lose its Site and Training data due to the Update

have fun

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