Last updated: 30 November 2002

Patch kit for Autostar II v1.4f

Subject:	Patch kit for LX200gps v1.4F
Sent:	Friday, November 29, 2002 23:38:58
From: (Richard Seymour)
Attached is my patch kit for v1.4f (making it 1.4F) 

It is my (now standard) patch kit giving you the ability to
Display and Edit your drive Training data
(under Setup > Telescope > Drive Training, it adds two more
 scrollable menu items: Edit Az Training and Edit Alt Training)

The kit also gives you satellite rise-times displayed 
to full second accuracy, instead of MEade's truncated 
minute display (so 9:11:56 instead of 9:11 )

It also provides automatic start-of-satellite tracking.

It also expands the Guide Rate speed range to 200% of sidereal,
and corrects the prompting message.

have fun

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