Last updated: 4 December 2002

Patch kit for Autostar II v1.4g

Subject:	Patch kit for LX200gps firmware v1.4g
Sent:	Wednesday, December 4, 2002 8:07:32
From: (Richard Seymour)
v1.4G was very similar to v1.4f, so the patch kit was easy to adapt.

(and i found that Meade fixed one of the things i patch... the message 
 for adjusting the Guiding Rate has been fixed at the source)

The patch kit provides the ability to Display and Edit your
Drive Training results.

The patch displays a satellite's Rise Time (AOS) with to-the-second 

The patch allows you to have automated start-of-tracking for 

The kit lets you control your Guider rate to 200% of sidereal.

The kit consists of a ReadMe file with instructions,
a patch14gg.txt file with the actual changes,
and a couple of command files which will modify the Meade
firmware to the "new" version (1.4g will become 1.4G).

The procedure leaves the original Meade file -untouched-,
except for renaming it, so you can backtrack if you wish.

You modify the firmware file on your PC, and then use Meade's Updater
to push the modified file to your telescope.

have fun

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