Last updated: 12 March 2003

Patch kit for v1.5c for the LX200gps

Subject:	2nd revised 1.5c patch kit
Sent:	Monday, March 10, 2003 23:36:38
From: (Richard Seymour)
My previous two attempts at patching the LX200gps v1.5c both had a bug.
A typo in an address caused Edit/Display of Training values to crash 
the Autostar II.
-This- kit fixes that. 

None of the previous v1.5c patch kits should remain on your site.
They all have bugs of varying flavors.
This is the only patch kit which will -not- cause additionally 
weird Autostar II behaviour.

This kit provides:
the ability to display and edit your Training values (no longer hangs
 The ability to set the Guide Rate to 200% maximum;
 Satellite Pass predictions displayed to full-second accuracy;
 Optional automatic start of satellite pass tracking.

It does NOT attempt to give sidereal tracking back to Polar Training.

 A displays-Temperature version shall appear later. 

have fun 

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