Last updated: 15 March 2003

New Patch kits for LX200gps v1.5c -- fixes Meade bug.

Subject:	(repaired) Temperature Readout Patch Kit for LX200gps
Sent:	Thursday, March 13, 2003 20:55:46
From: (Richard Seymour)
Here is , the (repaired) latest of the series
of new patch kits for the LX200gps version 1.5c firmware.

This one adds a Utility Function for displaying the LX200gps' 
internal temperature sensor under "Telescope Status".
Press [enter] and it will display for a couple of seconds.
Press [enter] again for a new reading.

It also provides the Polar Training fix (so you can train on a star).
For permanently Polar mounted scopes, it's sometimes easier than
managing to point at a landmark.

It contains the usual other features of my LX200gps patch kits:

The ability to display and edit your Training values;
The ability to set the Guide Rate to 200% maximum;
Satellite Pass predictions displayed to full-second accuracy;
 Optional automatic start of satellite pass tracking.

have fun

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