Last updated: 22 May 2003

New Patch Kit for LX200gps v1.6b

Subject:	patch kit 1g6B for the LX200gps
Sent:	Tuesday, May 20, 2003 21:59:43
From: (Richard Seymour)
The attached kit adds a new LX200 serial command to the LX200gps
firmware version 1.6b (plus all of the usual features of my LX200gps
patch kit, including PEC readout as you are Training and Updating).

This kit is the same as the previous kit 1p6B, with the added ability
to give you all of the GPS receiver's data streams, beyond the GPRMC
which Meade provides with their :gp# command (listed as :gps# in their
serial command manual at ).

If you send the LX200gps' serial port a  :gpr#  , it will return
the next GPS "sentence" that the receiver generates.

The patch kit includes a text file (GPSdecode.txt) which explains
what the data you will receive contains.

You can use Hyperterminal (a part of Windows) or any "terminal
emulator" program to "talk" to the Autostar II.  Likewise, 
programs like Paul Rodman's Astroplanner ( )
have a communcation window which lets you engage in direct typing to
the Autostar, and lets you see the results.

have fun

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