Last updated: 10 May 2002

Patch Kit 25a4 for v25Ea

Sent:	Friday, May 10, 2002 9:22:31
From: (Richard Seymour)
Here is the patch kit for 25Ea.

It gives you numerical Edit control of your Training values,
provides to-the-second prediction of Satellite AOS times,
adds the 4504 and 114eq GEM mounted 144mm's as known models,
and allows optional Cord Wrap control.

Since Meade has added Maximum Elevation and AOS Elevation control,
i have removed them from my kit.

Unzip the package into 

Read the "readme25a4.txt" and the "patch25a4.txt" files for detailed
instructions and optional adjustments.
Then double-click on the "Click_me" file to have the patch
 modify an -existing- "build25ea.rom" file.
It will save that unmodified original as build25ea.rom_bak
It will name the patched file (which will -not- change in size)
 to build25ea.rom
You can then use the ASU to Update your Autostar with this new
 version... in the "Local File" list, it will appear as  25a4
(not 25Ea).  Choose that, and 30 minutes later your Autostar will
show "2.5a" (instead of 2.5E) during the Initialization sequence.

have fun

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