Last updated: 7 August 2002

Patch Kit for 26Ea

Subject:	Patch Kit for 26Ea
Sent:	Sunday, August 4, 2002 13:39:36
From: (Richard Seymour)
Here is 
It is my usual patch kit, modified to work with 
 Meade's v26Ea for the Autostar 495/497.

It provides:
Ability to numerically display
  and edit your Alt and Az Training values
Satellite AOS times to the second
Automatic start-tracking of satellite passes (optional)
Ability to turn Cord Wrap on/off for all models (optional)
Adds the Meade 4504/114eq telescopes to the known models

To Install: fetch Meade's firmware, put it in the ASU's
Ephemerides directory.  
Unpack patchkit, put it there too.  
Double-click the "Click_me" file to have the
kit modify the build26ea.rom file (the untouched
file will remain as "build26ea.rom_bak")

Start the Updater... click [update now]... under the
"Local" list you will see   26a4   offered.
Click that, and then continue with the download.

Please read both the "readme" file and the "patch26a4" files
for additional instructions.

have fun

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