Last updated: 15 September 2002

Patch Kit for 2.6Ec

Subject:	Dick's Patch Kit for v26eC
Sent:	Thursday, September 12, 2002 20:20:52
From: (Richard Seymour)
Here is Dick's patch kit for v26eC firmware.  
It provides the ability to display and edit the Drive Training values,
displays Satellite rise-times to the second, 
allows automatic start of satellite tracking,
 replaces the DS-70 with the GEM-mounted 4504 and 114eq telescope
allows turning OFF Cord Wrap for all models.  

Yep, just the same ol' ol'..

Fetch the file, unzip it, read the Readme, 
and double-click on the appropriate Click_me file.  
Then re-update your Autostar.  

have fun 

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