Last updated: 3 January 2003

Patch Kit for German v26Gc: patch26g4

Sent:	Thursday, January 2, 2003 19:17:29
From: (Richard Seymour)
Someone asked, so i tried (and succeeded) in modifying my patch kit
to work with the German version of 497 Autostar v26.

Version 26Gc is available through:

The attached patch26g4 kit will provide my usual set of:
Satellite Rise-time displayed to the second,
Optional Automatic start-of-tracking for satellites,
Replacement of the DS-70 model with the 4504/114EQ,
 allowing use of DS- motors on a GEM base
 (handy for Steve Bedair and dataplumber-type conversions)
Display and Edit of Training data
Ability to turn off Cord Wrap

have fun
p.s. no, i don't know German at all... 
beyond what i used to read on VW parts boxes.
Saying "Gerpruft"  gets very strange looks in restaurants
I've even ordered two loaves of bread (At midnight) by
 saying "ein stuck".. twice.  (yes, i've since learned zwei)

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