Last updated: 20 May 2005

Improved Patch Kit for LX200gps v3.0i

Subject:	3q0I: improved patch kit for LX200gps v3.0i
Sent:	Wednesday, May 18, 2005 23:16:23
From:	Richard Seymour (

The attached kit adds two more patches to my previous 3p0i kit:

It fixes a bug in Meade's v3.0i which prevented proper power-up
of the PEC (Smart Drive) Index, and it adds a for-geeks-only :gpx# serial
command which starts the LX200gps streaming -all- GPS data out the serial
port... and it won't stop until you send another character to it...

This kit also introduces my new "single ClickMe" installation file.

Read the ReadMe and the beginning of the patch3q0i.txt file for 
additional information.

This kit is stand-alone, and does not require using the previous kits.
You do need to download the BuildLX3.0i.rom file from Meade, and put
it and unpack this kit into the Ephemerides folder underneath the 
Autostar Updater's folder.  Then click "ClickMe" to modify the rom file.

have fun

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