Last updated: 17 April 2007

Thanks to Joe Tannenbaum of the LX90 Group for compiling this list.

Autostar Builds 2.6Ea to 4.3Eg README text

New features for 26Ea

*The "Quiet Slew" feature located in the Setup->Telescope menu will reduce the 
slew rate to 1.5 deg/sec for reduced noise levels.
*The "Beep" item has been added to the Utilities menu, allowing the user to enable 
or disable the handbox beep sound.
*Polar Guiding for the Southern Hemisphere has been fixed.
*The 8-inch SC LXD55 is now added to Scope Models.
*Some errors in the Data Base have been fixed.

Version 26Eb

*Added scope DS-2076

Version 26Ec

*Fixed error in Quiet Slew for the LXD55 series.

Version 26Ed

*Improved polar satellite pointing.
New features for 30Eb

*Added serial commands to work with AutoStar Suite.
*Improved Motor Fault checking.
*Allowed higher elevation stars in Easy Polar alignment.
*Fixed some data base errors.

New features for 30Ed

*Fix slow keys with #909

New feature for 30Ee

*Fixed spinning wheel

Upgrades to 31Ee

*Lunar Eclipse fixed in Tours
*Some serial commands fixed
*Note: Serial autoguiding commands only work with polar mounted scopes.
*Reverse Left/Right and Up/Down now remembered after power is turned off
*Note: Keys may be reversed after upgrade, reset handbox or go to
Setup-Telescope and fix as needed.

Upgrades to 32Ea

*PEC added for Polar mounted scopes
Note: PEC can be found under Setup - Telescope - Smart Drive.  Smart
Drive will only appear for Polar Mounted scopes.  Smart Drive is for the
RA motor only.  Run PEC Train first and if needed then run PEC Update
after to improve the table.  Training for LX90 and LXD55/75 will take
about 8 - 9 mins.  Training for ETX 90/105/125 will take about 24 mins. 
To train use the handbox, AutostarSuite with the LPI, or any other
autoguider using the #909 Accessory Port Module (if the scope will allow
the #909).  After training PEC, go to PEC On/Off to turn on PEC to have
the scope follow the commands.  At the end of your session if you want
to keep your training, you have to Park your scope.  If you do not park
your scope the Autostar will not be able to remember its position on the
*For German Mounts, Three Star has been added to the Alignment menu. 
This will improve pointing.
*For Polar mounted scope you can now use any alignment star in the sky.
*Improved Satellite tracking for LXD55/75 scopes.
*On a Moon Goto, Autostar will change to Lunar tracking rate.  Autostar
will change back to previously selected rate on the next Goto.  Note: 
If Lunar tracking rate is selected while in Lunar Tracking, it becomes
the default rate and the scope will stay at Lunar tracking on the next
*Some serial strings fixed.
*Some data base errors fixed.

Upgrades to 32Eh

*Improved pointing for German mounted scopes.
*Some serial strings fixed.

Upgrades to 32Ei

*Fixed error in Browse Function

Upgrades to 33El

*Fixed site problem
*Fixed LST display

Upgrades to 40Eb

*Improved pointing on Alignment Stars after Cal Sensors.
*Park position now shortest distance on ETX scopes.
*Park position fixed after automatic alignment.
*Smart Drive is now normalized.
*Please see the attached file for the new operating instructions.

Upgrades to 40Ee

*Fixed Comets
*Fixed Polar mode for LX90's (10" & 12")

Upgrades to 40Ef

*Fixed Polar mode for LX90's (10" & 12")

Upgrades to 41Ec

*Added GPS for new LX90 GPS scopes.
*Fixed #909 Accessory Port Module to work with LX90's 10 and 12 inch.
*Fixed problem on DS2000's mounts with LNT module.
*Couple of data base corrections.

Upgrades to 42Ed

*Displays how far off polar on two star polar alignment.
*Fixed park position on LXD55/75's
*Get serial command for daylight savings (:GH# returns 0 for diabled 1 for enabled)
*Set serial command for saylight savings (:SH0# disables, :SH1# enables)

Upgrades to 43Ea

*New scopes added
*Fixed error with longer strings

Upgrades to 43Ed

*Fixes problem with LNT module and Reverse L/R on

Upgrades to 43Eg

*Added :GW#, :AL#, :AA#, & :AP# serial command.  
*Fixed IC & NGC in Guided Tours.

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