Last updated: 18 April 2005

Subject:	Magnetic North 
Sent:	Saturday, April 16, 2005 10:41:30
From:	Laurence (
For weeks I had been finding that on setup nothing was anywhere near
where it should be in the sky. I re-checked location time date etc over
and over, I was starting too accept that this was as good as it gets
using an ETX 105. Something must be wrong with the scope ( or me )

I had been using one of those combined leveller/compass gadgets that you
drop into the eyepiece holder. Never did like it, the compass sticks and
you have to nudge it.

When I was out today, I spotted by chance a much better looking compass
and bought it. Got home, and whilst trying to figure out how I was going
to mount it on the scope, noticed it moved considerably as I tried to
put it near the eyepiece hole, nearly 20 degrees !

Doh ! several weeks ago I had fitted an electric focuser...MAGNETS !

Moving the compass to sit on the finder scope eyecup was far enough away
so that it worked normally.


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