Last updated: 5 November 2006
Subject:	focusing 60/70/80AT
Sent:	Thursday, November 2, 2006 16:11:47
From:	Chuck Woodsman
Appreciate your website. Someone may have posted these tips already; I
have not read everything on your website.

In focusing the above 'scopes, I found the easiest way was to place the
side your index finger on the focusing knob and just move the finger
back and forth, acting as a rack-and-pinion. After you get adept at
this, focusing is not a real problem; I find this method easier than
using a flex cable. A pain-in-the neck, however, is Meade's not
supplying parfocal eyepieces; so you have to keep track of which
direction and how far to focus when you change eyepieces and/or add a

A quick tip for some dep sky objects: I kept looking for the ring nebula
and, after not seeing it, I almost gave up in frustration, when I
realized that it is so tiny, that more magnification was needed. The
autostar had placed it in the middle every time, but I had not realized
it till I upped the magnification to a point where it did not look like
a star.

Keep up the good work, Mike,

Chuck Woodsman

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