Last updated: 16 February 1998

What Accessories to Buy?

The second most frequent question I receive from new and prospective new ETX users is "what accessories should I get for my ETX?" The answer to this question is more difficult to answer and really depends on how the ETX is going to be used. Most casual ETX users can be very happy without purchasing any additional items (other than a Barlow Lens) for their ETX. But I will make some general recommendations.

If you want to take your ETX on trips, whether driving to a field to get away from city lights or flying to another state or country to view the sky from there, you will likely want a case to protect it. The Accessories - Cases page has user comments on several models of cases for the ETX. See Traveling with the ETX for some additional information if traveling by commercial airline.

If you want to use your ETX for more serious astronomical pursuits, you may want to purchase filters to help you see details in various objects that would not be visible without a filter. See the Accessories - Filters page for information on several filters for use with the ETX. Some users do not like the Meade finderscope that comes with the ETX. There are many replacements available; see the Accessories - Finderscopes page.

If you want to add even more accessories, there are many add-ons available that can increase the usability of the ETX. See the Accessories - Miscellaneous and Accessories - Showcase Products pages.

Finally, if you want to try astrophotography I suggest you read the Gallery - Basics page first and then see the various ETX Astrophotography pages to get a feel for what is possible with the ETX. If you still decide you want to try it, see the Accessories - Astrophotography page.

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