Last updated: 30 June 2001

Some Telescope Comparisons

Subject:	Performance Parameters
Sent:	Wednesday, June 27, 2001 22:47:15
From:	rodolfo_mier@yahoo.com.mx (Rodolfo Mier)
I made a comparison table (Excel file) with performance parameters for
the ETX-90, ETX-125, and some bigger scopes. The table gives a
cuantitative idea of the capabilities of each telescope.

Congratulations for all your work, you and Clay are very important for
amateur astronomers around the world.

Rodolfo Mier (from Monterrey, Mxico).

P.S. Last night I had the chance to use my new ETX-125. The city lights
and the summer heat caused poor seeing conditions; however, after a
rough Alt-Az home position and two star alightment all objects were in
the FOV of my 26 mm and Mars tracking (even at high power) is excellent
(after 1/2 hr I got bored and turned to M6 and M7 (wow)! I have not seen
any galaxies yet. And I might not have the chance in my site. I would
like to split gamma Virgo and test the resolution of my telescope. Any
recommendations to split it? Or other good (with very similar
magnitudes) binaries for testing resolution?

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