Last updated: 11 August 2003

Easy True North Finder

Sent:	Saturday, August 9, 2003 10:14:31
From: (James Krehmke)
I prefer to align my ETX to true north using Polaris as Dr. Sherrod
recommends . This is not possible at my southern (Mars) observing site,
as Polaris is behind the trees.  To simplify setup, I made this little
wedge from foam core board.  It is cut to the 17.30 local declination
angle.  I attached a $2.00 Wal-mart compass with 2-sided sticky tape. 
Now, I just place this alongside my tripod adapter and rotate the
assembly until the compass reads north.  The compass glows in the dark
so it is easy to realign or move in ther dark if necessary. Now if the
clouds would only clear!

James Krehmke
Dallas, Oregon

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