Last updated: 15 November 2000

Eyepiece Simulator

From: irodrig@axasa.com (Ignacio Rodriguez)

I have learned a lot from your site. I had a lot of doubts ( and still have so many ) so I will keep visiting your site. I would like to contribute to your site with a program I design ( in MS Excel 98 or later) to simulate different types of eyepices in different telescopes. Its not a professional software but I think could be pretty useful for those newbbies like me. Please feel free to test it and post it if you think the information it provides is correct. In order to design it I use an old Astronomy magazine (jun-93) and a very interesting spreadsheet containing information of almost 300 eyepieces (I found somewhere in the net and is from a guy named Lombry). The program simulates according to some input parameters and gives information about magnification, FOV, exit pupil diameter and some other things. You can play with different size objects and find how they will look in the eyepiece.

Ignacio Rodriguez

P.S. You need to set your display to 800x600 (or higher)to use the program.


Download the Windows version .
Download the Macintosh version .

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