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Maximize your ETX-70 visual capabilities to the limit By Using 5 Simple Items

Sent:	Tuesday, July 31, 2001 14:00:05
From:	m.kulis@netzero.net (mike kulis)
Hello All, ( Great site Mike)

After doing experimentation with my ETX-70 I have found what I believe
is the best view you can get out of the scope. Using other acessories
from my fellow club members, and my own equiptment I wanted to find the
best view I could get and maximize the scopes true visual ability. I
believe after 12 different observing nights that I've found the best
combination for this wonderful scope.  I tried many different
combinations of barlows with eyepieces and filters of all types also
that most will use the #773 carrying case  I also wanted to make sure
that anyone that would follow my advice and findings would not have to
lug a extra case around. The tests were conducted during 10 super clear
dark location nights and 2 super sunny days.

( I do not do reviews for profit, I'm very opinionated as you may
discover, the following is tests done by me to best utilize my scopes
potentials, I have no reservations whatso ever!!! I just wish to share
my ings.)
The following are the acessories i tried out...

#140  -  Meade Instruments Series 4000 2x Apochromatic Barlow Lens 1.25"
Meade MA 25mm and 9mm eyepieces supplied with scope  1.25"
Meade series 4000 plossl eyepieces - 32mm 26mm  15mm 9.7 mm      1.25"
Meade series 3000 plossl eyepieces - 25mm 16mm 9.5   1.25"
Meade series 4000 fliter set #1 -yellow, light red, green, blue  1.25mm
Meade moon filter series 4000   1.25"
Celestron polarizer filter   1.25"
Celestron Nexstar plossl Eyepieces - 32mm 25mm 13mm 8mm    1.25"
Celestron Ultima eyepieces - 30mm  18mm   1.25"
Celestron ultima series 2x barlow lens   1.25"
Orion Ultrascopic 2x 3 element barlow lens  1.25"
Orion Shorty Plus 3- element  2x barlow lens  1.25"
Orion Lanthanum series eyepieces - 25mm 18mm   1.25"
Orion Sirius plossl eyepieces -  26mm  17mm  12.5mm    1.25"
Orion starter filter set- deep yellow, red, green, medium blue  1.25"
Orion moon filter   1.25"
Thousand oaks type 2+ solar filter
J.M.B. Inc. class A solar filter
Tuthill solar filter - mylar
Televue 25mm plossl eyepiece
Televue 2x 1.25" barlow
Televue panoptic 19mm eyepiece   1.25"

These were the items I tested with my Etx-70     

here are my findings

Of all of the items listed above these following are the ones i Believe
no ETX-70 owner should be without And all of them will easily fit into
the existing #773 case.  these are the best of the list after judging
pros and cons
#140  -  Meade Instruments Series 4000 2x Apochromatic Barlow Lens 1.25"

Meade series 4000 plossl eyepiece -  26mm     1.25"

Celestron polarizer filter   1.25"

J.M.B. Inc. class A solar filter- also the same one with the blue line
sold by Orion

Orion starter filter set- deep yellow, red, green, medium blue  1.25"
Unfortunatly I am pressed for time at the moment

But i welcome any questions regarding this review and test, I wish i
could write more.   If you have any questions, comments, or desire more
info on a particular area of the test,  PLEASE EMAIL ME

at  m.kulis@netzero.net

and I will answer your questions as soon as i can,   once again i
apoligize for having to run,   best regards to all, and many clear
nights to all

Michael Kulis, Northwest Suburban Astronomers
Mike here: Meade recommends the #124 2X Barlow Lens for the ETX-60AT and ETX-70AT, not the #140.

Subject:	ETX-70 5 Best Accessories [NEW!]
Sent:	Saturday, May 17, 2008 13:17:26
From:	Mark Coady (mark.coady@sympatico.ca)
Mike Kulis' post of the five best accessories for the ETX-70 is well
thought out. Here are a few of things I have done - all from Ebay.

1. Seymour Solar makes a nice black polymer solar filter that has a
threaded screw to make sure it doesn't come off. It gives a nice
yellow/orange image of the sun.

2. Seben (a German company) makes a nicely priced 8-24mm zoom eyepiece
that works well on its own and also with the stock Meade Barlow that
comes with the ETX. It also works well with the Televue 1.8 Barlow that
I normally use with my 8" Orion Dob. Although the field of view changes
somewhat when going from low to high power, the images are quite crisp.
It's one of the better "cheaper" zoom eyepieces on the market.

3. For those without the Meade tripod, you can get a tripod adaptor that
screws into the base of the ETX. It distributes the weight nicely. I use
it with a photographic tripod that (with level bubbles) I can set to my
own latitude and get the ETX to act as an equatorially-mounted scope.

4. For those who hate the ETX-70's focuser knob, an extended replacement
is available at a very reasonable price.

For any of these accessories, just go on to E Bay, select "Cameras and
Photo" then select "Eyepieces and Telescope Accessories". In the search
window type in "ETX" and hit "Enter". You'll be amazed at the
accessories available for all ETX models.
Mark Coady
Director, Publicity and Light Pollution Abatement
Peterborough Astronomical Association
Member, RASC Belleville Centre
Member, RASC National Light Pollution Committee
Member, International Dark Sky Association
Member, Planetary Society
"Stars Up! Lights Down! Support light pollution abatement in your community!"

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