Last updated: 19 January 2001

ETX-90 and ETX-125 Field References

From: sherrodc@ipa.net (Clay Sherrod)

This is a Field Reference for the ETX 90 (generic for EC or RA) and ETX-125EC, with appropriate magnification range and reference chart for bright seasonal stars. Note that the stars and beginning with 0h R.A. and progressing for actual in-the-field reference to stars seen at any particular time. The celestial photos are all courtesy NASA and the scope shots are Meade (with this promotion, I have little doubt they will mind at all - we are not selling this chart, only their scopes).

I suggest you remind your ETX users, after they have printed (on good bright paper) the chart to have it laminated at an office supply or school so that it can be kept with the telescope for field reference. Note that there is NO RED on the chart so that it can be seen clearly with red light sources. The user should print his/her name at the bottom, along with latitude and longitude for quick reference PRIOR to having laminated (obviously).

I use mine all the time; it is great at star parties and when quick reference for guide stars are needed.

Click on the appropriate image to get the full sized version.

ETX chart

ETX chart

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