Last updated: 15 December 1998

Learning the Night Sky

I have a great suggestion for the beginning user of the ETX. Like most people new to astronomy, I found the hardest thing to do was to learn the night sky. I have found a fantastic beginner resource that will help you learn the sky and locate the some interesting objects. It is the Cambridge Star atlas. It has everything you'll need (including a moon map), and best of all, all of the stars in the atlas are visible through the ETX. That makes it a lot easier than using some of the other atlases. I purchased my copy from http://st3.yahoo.com/skypub/. If you are shopping there make sure you also pick up the laminated "Messier Card" item #S001L and the "Caldwell Card" item #CCARL. Those cards list all of the easily seen deep sky objects and cost under ten dollars for both of them. That will give you a lifetime of viewing!

Have a nice day!!

Lyle Tompsen (Lylet@access.com)

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