Last updated: 7 June 2000

Some Eyepiece Magnification Comparisons

From: JOHNSHORT@compuserve.com (John Short)

As a new etx user I was confused with what to expect from addtional lens for the ETX 90. I've attached a picture which shows the comparison of a standard photo (Nikon 950 at telephoto setting, about 90mm on 35mm camera) and the standard 26mm lens, then +barlow, then 9.7mm lens and finally 9.7mm + barlow.

I think these comparison shots will help other new users when deciding what lens to add to their equipment.

The photo's were taken using lens projection from my house. NB the pics were taken through the glass of my study window..........I'm sure this ahs reduced the quality of the pics, particularly at high magnifications.


John Short

Eyepiece comparisons

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