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I think the user report here, plus others I have posted over the last few months (Oct 07, Jan/Feb/Mar 08), combined with the BBB record noted below, should be sufficient to make customers consider whether or not they want to take their business to Scopetronix. Given the former greatness of Scopetronix, this situation is most unpleasant to many of its former customers, including myself. But it is time to move to on and forget about the past. Thanks to all who have responded to my requests for feedback on Scopetronix and/or CNC Parts Supply, Inc. Unless the situations dramatically improve I think I can close the discussion at this point.

Subject:	ScopeTronix
Sent:	Thursday, March 13, 2008 06:26:08
From:	Anonymous
I am commenting on your editorial dated 20 October 2007 at
http://www.weasner.com/etx/ed-ops/editorial102007.html discovered this
morning via Google Alerts.

You are really over optimistic on Scopetronix!

On Feb. 4th, I ordered a ScopeTronix MaxView II eyepiece from their web
site.  Within seconds, I received an automated acknowledgment and a
confirmation number.  On Feb 6th, my credit card was charged with the
price of the eyepiece, plus shipping costs.

Since then, nothing!  They have not responded to a single email. I tried
to contact them at the following email addresses:
orders@scopetronix.com; questions@scopetronix.com;
quotes@scopetronix.com; webmaster@scopetronix.com.  Their real address
and phone numbers are no longer on their web site.  Hunting for
information about them I discovered in discussion groups that they have
not been responding since 2006.

All the phone numbers that I was able to trace are no longer in service
(941-573-8198; (239) 945-6763; (239) 458-9325; and (866) 458-7658).

The West Florida Better Business Bureau is reporting an unsatisfactory
record for ScopeTronix

Yesterday, I cancelled my order (sending my cancellation message to each
of the email addresses listed above; I received a Delivery Status
Notification (Failure) message for the address quotes@scopetronix.com  -
Delivery Status Notification (Failure): "Diagnostic-Code: smtp;550 5.2.1
(quotes@scopetronix.com)... Mailbox disabled for this recipient", but
nothing from any of the others addresses that are still active and
receiving messages.  I gave them until March 20th to reimburse my credit
card account or I will contest the payment with Visa, and report them
once more to the BBB.

The CNCsupplyinc web site is so close in design with the ScopeTronix. I
would not trust doing any business with them.

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you found the article but have you read the follow-up? See:


Thank you for your response.  I was not aware of the follow-up, just the
editorial. I did not realize you were posting comments on the Internet.

Although interesting to read, the follow-up does not change my opinion
on Scopetronix and/or CNC Parts Supply.

The address for CNC Parts Supply (4023 SW 8 Court, Cape Coral, FL 33914)
is just a few blocks away from the two ScopeTronix addresses posted on
the BBB web site.

Scopetronix, Inc.
2523 SE 24th Pl 
Cape Coral, FL 33904

Scopetronix, Inc.
1423 SE 10th St Ste 1A 
Cape Coral, FL 33990


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